Marketing Nowadays it is very important to check that our education system is going in the right direction or not. Is it able to deliver best to students or not. The general purpose of education system is to ensure that the children are learning all the essential things of life or not, the purpose is to make them aware of things exists around them. Education system is designed in a way to make students ready for the future and its requirement. But is it effective enough to teach students right thing and to make them capable for the future need? Well there are various things to be crossed check while picking the right education system. It is noticed that nowadays colleges and schools are putting so much pressure on students that they are end up getting depressed. With the increasing pressure, students are suffering in both ways, mentally and physically. Burden of studies, standing up to the expectations of parents, getting first position in academics and many such situations are often trouble students these days. Not only school going students but college going students also have so much to deal with. Studies, .petitions, assignments, research papers, journals, to find a Research Paper Publication , searching job are some of the issues which often disturb college going students. It is the duty of schools and colleges to adopt such education system which can help students to over.e all these problems. Parents should also stand and support their children to make them feel better and tension free. In many cases it has been observed that parents are also equally responsible as much as schools and colleges on putting pressure on children. In place of pressurizing your kid to .e first in class, you should motivate them and boosts their moral to do well in academics. Research papers are also one of the most challenging tasks for college going student. In many popular courses, students are given topics by the professor to do research work. Topics are generally related to the ongoing researches in various fields. Students are supposed to create a journal based on their research. Students can start their research with a fresh beginning or can also add theories to the ongoing research. But whatever you do just make sure that you make a quality research paper as only then it will be accepted. Many times students do not get the right guidance and ends up making badly written journal and get rejected. It is advisable that before started working on your research papers, do some preliminary research and make sure you have gathered enough information to start your research. IJAHS stands for international Journal of Arts and Humanity science help students all over the world to publish their best and worth reading Journal papers and research papers. 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