In addition to a very expensive one machine, Microsoft also released these ideas "surprise" – Microsoft science and technology conference is always particularly interesting, because they can bring some unexpected surprises. The conference focused on two key launches, one of which is based on the creative design system Surface Studio, the second is around Holographic and Windows 10 AR, VR ecology. Although Surface Studio integrated machine before the conference has been exposed 7788, but we still can not expect its unique positioning for the designer. This creative design system is mainly composed of three parts, namely Surface Studio integrated machine, Surface Dial accessories, as well as the design and application of Paint 3D. Surface Studio as iMac Surface Studio competing products, natural need some "characteristics" to order three main body design talent shows itself, the link rod + base + shaft is more like "table cartoonist". Microsoft also demonstrated Surface Studio related application scenarios, which can meet the traditional vertical applications, can also be deployed as flat as a tactical map. Surface Studio main screen specifications can be equipped with PixelSense and iMac, 28 inch display, the pixel is reached 4500 X and 3000192 PPI, and supports up to 10 point touch. Configuration, Microsoft offers three different versions for consumers with low: Intel i5 processor, GTX 965M, 1TB SSD (2GB memory), 8GB memory, Surface Studio stylus. With Intel i7 processor, GTX 980M, 1TB SSD (4GB memory), 16GB memory, Surface Studio stylus. With Intel i7 processor, GTX 980M, 2TB SSD (4GB memory), 32GB memory, Surface Studio stylus. Surface Studio configuration can only be fairly good to describe, even Microsoft, it seems to be integrated into the integrated graphics hardware is still difficult. The price of this product is not so close to the people, the reservation price of $2999, $3499 and $4199. Surface Dial Surface Dial is mainly to "aided design", it can be the main screen directly on the machine, and provide related painting color ring and mode selection (similar to palette). Although Microsoft does not have too much demonstration of the functionality of the Surface Dial, the Surface Dial seems to fit well with the use of a painting navigator, software tuning, etc.相关的主题文章: