India the United Nations for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Chinese blocked out to consider the Sohu news [Global Times correspondent in India Yuan Jirong] India media reported on 9, Chinese recently shelved again India armed organization "Mohamed army" leader Masood included in the UN Security Council sanctions list application. This caused a strong reaction in India. The Chinese people’s party leaders of the 9 claimed that Beijing will help terrorists decided too late to regret. Because that China is in favor of Pakistan, India’s domestic boycott of Chinese goods has intensified. India has accused Pakistan based "Mohamed army" behind the scenes of a shooting incident at an air force base in India in January. "India express" reported on 9, although New Delhi and Beijing conducted several consultations at different levels, but China still uses technical means to shelve the application of India. 6 months ago, Beijing took the same steps. The Indian side said it Chinese sent out a danger signal. The India people’s Party mouthpiece "Herald" 9 journal article said that China in defending Masood this shield. The nahlin Party spokesman of India ANI news agency? ‘said: "there is no middle road Chinese anti-terrorism, must decide which side. China needs to be aware of the need to stand on the side of terrorism in order to strengthen relations with a country What is the benefit of all mankind? What are the benefits of India China relations?" Nahlin? Corley mouth "the country" refers to Pakistan. India’s pressure on Pakistan continues to rise in September 18th, following a terrorist attack in Indian controlled Kashmir that killed 18 soldiers in India. In view of China are all-weather strategic partner of Pakistan and Pakistan Economic Corridor construction is advancing, some people think that India China take everywhere in Pakistan. India English website "Catchnews" 8 journal article said that India must guard against Bazhong axis, otherwise it will live the dagger in the hands of neighbors. "This Diwali no Chinese fireworks" this is India, another way to show dissatisfaction on China. "India times" reported on 9, India, Ludhiana fireworks association decided not to sell Chinese made fireworks, in order to support China’s Pakistan signal. "The India times" published a stein of Gurgaon city residents in Haryana satellite city of New Delhi called for a boycott of "Chinese placards" photos, said India city joint action calls. They also promote the economic and strategic losses caused by the purchase of Chinese goods to through the APP. India has also launched a boycott of Chinese goods after the last time China put an end to Masood’s application to the United Nations Security Council sanctions list. This time, the first National Association of traders in India to support China on the grounds of Pakistan, decided not to sell Chinese goods. Subsequently, a variety of trade unions on behalf of the 3 gathered in Gurgaon to respond to the 18 district. A senior people’s party and Haryana officials to join the ranks of calling for a boycott of goods China. For India criticism, Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs, the press trust of India interview to make a written reply said, China to India to submit the application may have different views, can make use of technology of the United nations.相关的主题文章: