IPhone7’s appointment was Tucao   users: Brush ten minutes not to go, "people.com.cn communication channel — people.com.cn original title: iPhone 7 on the first day of booking hot bright black into the grab type mobile phone real video: people.com.cn Xiaobian experience iPhone7, the result is….. The apple iPhone 7 yesterday to open an appointment, Apple’s official website Chinese apple and store online store once serious" congestion "Carlton, suspected due to centralized access to a large number of users to. Information display, the first day of the new iPhone booking heat unabated. At the same time open the new iPhone online booking of the country’s three major operators of the official website, provides an appointment to register the user’s real-time counter. As of 5 pm yesterday, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter noted that the number of Beijing mobile and Beijing Telecom official website has been registered to refresh the number of appointments, respectively, to reach the 30521 and the 92894. How to feel more difficult than iPhone 6 grab?!" Yesterday afternoon at 4 o’clock, a netizen sent micro-blog regrets, brush their own fast page has not yet entered. Bright black has become the most sought after in the new iPhone series. Information display, booking open about half an hour after, bright black version of the apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus the first to shop the appointment are full, so it is including Beijing, Shanghai, the apple store store. The choice to buy a bright black iPhone7, then, at 3:30 yesterday or so orders, delivery time is displayed for two to three weeks, iPhone7 Plus is about four to six weeks. Beijing five apple outlets of the first appointment, BYD reporters login to see Apple’s official website, iPhone 7 Plus all models of the first the first contract. 5 pm, the apple official website information display, Sanlitun, Xidan, Wangfujing has closed the reservation Sanjiadian link, means that the new iPhone two series all the models of the first contract. To 6 pm yesterday BYD reporters, Huamao has close links, only can still choose the Chaoyang Joy City store only iPhone 7 silver 128G models can make an appointment. Mail order booking, as of press time, according to the official website of apple China information, the new iPhone two models, iPhone 7 Plus bright black delivery time has been expected for November, the remaining black, silver, gold and rose gold four colors are 3-4 week. IPhone 7 series, bright black models show delivery time is expected to be 4-6 weeks, the rest of the majority of the majority of the four colors displayed as September 16th service, the individual color configuration shown as 6-8 working days". (commissioning editor Yang Bo and Shen Guangqian)相关的主题文章: