Is a small accident private or insurance? You know how to do it! Sohu Shenyang car to buy a car the first new media pepper sister WeChat: 210277699 driving on the road, who has not encountered several minor accidents…… But if the accident is really small, the insurance claims or private, which is more cost-effective? Also know that many owners claim the coming year premiums rose, rose so much? The difference is not higher than the private cost? To come and study with pepper sister. First, the responsibility to distinguish who you do not have to be responsible, then it will not affect the premium first, auto insurance premiums from commercial insurance premiums and strong insurance premiums. Different types of accidents have different effects on premium. If you do not have to be responsible for the accident, then it will not affect the premium, so in the division of responsibility, please do not easily take responsibility, otherwise the next year to buy insurance you will love dearly. And the case of responsibility, it will affect the premium. As we all know, pay strong insurance is to pay someone else, is a liability insurance, but relatively cheap, often less than a thousand dollars, but only 2000 yuan of property damage compensation limit. See the table below: the specific amount of compensation that assumption does not consider this car loss, according to the proportion of liability to compensate the other losses not more than 2000 yuan, the compulsory insurance claim will not use commercial insurance (does not affect the commercial insurance premiums). Is not found: how the form of accountability will be compensated? This is the insurance clause, but now they are reduced to "no responsibility on behalf of the lost" processing mechanism, without responsibility on behalf of the lost is not the number of dangerous condition. Only compensation for the loss of each other, and no more than 2000 yuan does not affect the commercial insurance. Two, in case of accident responsibility once, without the use of commercial insurance, compulsory insurance will rise much? According to the "Interim Measures" floating vehicle compulsory traffic accident liability insurance rates, floating rate table to pay high insurance premium rates for a floating table out of high insurance premiums will go up only 10%. For the following 6 ordinary sedan, to pay high insurance premiums for car accident one yuan, there will be 95 yuan float. In this case, the premium is only a few dozen, one hundred pieces of floating. Unless the accident to a small paint scrape each other, some paint can be repaired, otherwise the insurance claim is clearly better than the "private" is more cost-effective. Now claims are not the same as before, the small claims have been very fast, and no injury of small accidents, most of them do not have to go through the traffic police procedures, reporting from the report to the loss of the faster. Of course, if you still trouble, especially when time is not bad, the hundreds of pieces, rather than private, please feel free to Nouveau riche. Three, if the use of commercial insurance how cost-effective? With the research on the new policy of the insurance fee change just for a few, when the other loss of over 2000 yuan, or one’s own vehicle to claim, this is to use a commercial insurance. Here it is necessary to mention the first in July 1st this year, has been fully implemented in the domestic auto insurance reform policy. We can find that because of commercial insurance hundreds of thousands of sowing相关的主题文章: