Travel-and-Leisure When you take a proper look at Istanbul and all it has to offer, it should .e as no surprise to learn it is a World Heritage City as recognised by UNESCO. Certainly there are many major, breathtaking sights to be experienced here – from palaces to mosques and everything in between. In order to make things a little easier for you, once you have chosen the best Istanbul hotels in which to enjoy your stay, we have .piled some of the best attractions to look out for during your stay in the city. Which ones will you head for as soon as you arrive? The Bosphorus This is not an attraction in the sense of visiting a particular place; rather it flows through the city and it is a constant wherever you are and whichever side of the waterway you are on. Some of the finest sights in the city are on the banks of the Bosphorus, including some of the Ottoman palaces and also the Istanbul Modern Art Museum. You may even find some of the best Istanbul hotels close to the waterway, giving you an even better view out of your hotel window than you may have expected. Be sure to try a cruise along the river too its the best way to get a different aspect of the city. The Galata Tower We select this simply because it offers a sensational view out over the city below. As such, it allows you a far greater understanding of the city and how it is put together, with older structures sitting alongside more modern ones. You may even spy some of the best Istanbul hotels from the top! The stone construction of the tower is quite something to examine in closer detail, and the top can be seen peering out above neighbouring buildings in other parts of the city. It soars to nearly 67 metres in height, although there are two lifts that will take you to the top. The Basilica Cistern A cistern doesnt exactly sound like a pleasant place to visit it sounds more like something you would find in the best Istanbul hotels! But this is no ordinary cistern. It is a Byzantine basilica cistern that dates from the 6th century, and it is not known as the Sunken Palace for nothing. Indeed it offers charmingly spotlighted areas of water, showing how the area was used to capture the rainwater for storage when needed. There are many more of these cisterns underneath the city, but this is definitely the best. Look out for the odd fish making their way through the waters its an eerie and unexpected sight. As you can see, this city is full of surprises. You may be pleasantly surprised at how captivating it is once you scratch the surface. While Turkey is well known for its beaches, a trip to Istanbul will uncover the true history of this ancient country. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: