Italy dramatist Dario? Meng Jinghui, Lai Shengchuan – Fu died recall Beijing yesterday, when people talk about who is the winner of the Nobel prize in literature this year, another Nobel prize winner, Italy great dramatist Dario Fu? Leave this world at the age of 90. He won the Nobel Prize in 1997, is representative of "an Anarchist’s accidental death", had been rehearsing the play Meng Jinghui after hearing the news to be frightened and change color. Another famous director, Lai Shengchuan, said in an interview with the JINGWAH times that Dario was unique, and that he was so deeply impressed. Life – life wrote the script more than and 50 yesterday, the Italy government announced the news of the death of Dario? Fu, after he was heart disease in Milan hospital for 12 days. Italy’s prime minister Matteo said in his eulogy? Ferenczi, "Italy has lost a great drama, the field of culture and public life of the hero, his satirical comedy, his art director, stage design, he in a number of cultural and artistic achievements will become a great legacy of world culture in Italy". Dario set screenwriter, director and performance in one, but also good at singing, instrumental music, dance, stage art and so on, wrote a lifetime of more than and 50 scripts, such as the comic mystery drama, do not pay! Do not pay! "Madman" and so on, the most influential is his political satire. He drew inspiration from real life, reflecting major events at home and abroad, such as soaring prices, the freedom of abortion, divorce law, officials accepting bribes, etc.. Dario? Fu Comedy style inherited 15 to seventeenth Century popular in Italy folk improvisational comedy (or masked comedy) tradition, learn from its improvisation and comedy. Dario masterpiece has caused a sensation in Italy? Fu’s most famous works is "an Anarchist’s accidental death". The play has caused a sensation in Italy, in the two season, had played 300 games, the audience more than three hundred thousand people. In the country, Chen Jianbin director of the same name drama also caused a strong reaction, starring in the play of the "madman" impressive in the drama of Meng Jinghui. He himself once commented on the play: "what is the real reason for the great success of the show? At least from the authority, fabricated facts confuse truth and falsehood from their hypocrisy lies, especially in the national system of wanton trample. We are soberly aware that we may be accused of alleged rush into danger, and prosecution. But in any case, our actions are worth it. As Bertone said:? Brecht in dark times, we expose the dark, good times will come." "The Nobel" has been controversial in 1997, Dario? Fu won the Nobel prize for literature, the word "that he inherited the tradition of medieval comedian, denounce authority, maintenance of the oppressed dignity, Nobel judges also said his works and" Rigoletto "beautiful. However, Dario Fu? "The Nobel" has caused great controversy, from the Vatican media said the Royal Swedish Academy made a wrong decision, take the prize of a clown. In Italy, but also super相关的主题文章: