To kneel before their parents to go home to see more than the original title: to kneel before their parents as much at home in the evening of February 10th, the Zibo train station, a passenger in front of their parents suddenly came to bid farewell to their knees can not afford, and parents to knock his head, while the white haired old father reached out and wiped the tears. This touching scene can not help but sigh. The kneeling man worked in Beijing, and he hadn’t been home for 4 years. Parents are 80 years old, a typical "empty nest elderly"". To the station to send the old parents, before adding a drink, emotional, consciously unworthy parents, so never walk alone. This kneeling road gives a lot of bitterness to the traveler. But according to reports, the man kneeling in Beijing, Zibo and Beijing to the three hour drive, want to go home, is not difficult, from the reason, not really justified home for four years. I don’t know why the man didn’t go home for the Spring Festival for 4 years, but the parents are 80 years old, and there is not much chance to go home to see their parents. I look forward to this man after kneeling, more action, back to Beijing may as well discuss with his wife, and then take the time to take his wife and children to go home to see the old man, this is more important than anything else. Kneel to tears, let people moved, but as parents, in fact, do not need children to kneel down, more children need to go home often. Guo Wenbin (teacher) editor: Huang Rui SN224

向父母下跪不如多回家看看   原标题:向父母下跪不如多回家看看   2月10日晚,在淄博火车站内,一位旅客在前来送别自己的父母面前突然跪地不起,并对着父母磕起了头,而一旁满头白发的老父亲则伸手抹着眼泪。这感人的一幕不禁让人唏嘘不已。   这位下跪的男子在北京工作,且之前已经4年没回家过年。父母已经80岁了,是典型的“空巢老人”。面对前来送站的老父母,加上之前喝了点酒,情绪激动,自觉愧对父母,所以长跪不起。这一跪道出很多游子的辛酸。   但是根据报道,这位下跪的男子在北京工作,而淄博到北京三个小时的车程,想要回家,并不难,从情理而言,四年没回家真说不过去了。   家家有本难念的经,我不知道这位男子为何4年没有回家过年,但父母已经80岁了,回家看父母的机会也不多了。我期待这位男子在下跪之后,更要有所行动,回到北京不妨和妻子商量,以后抽时间带妻子和孩子多回家看看老人,这比什么都重要。下跪让人泪奔,让人感动,但作为父母,其实并不需要子女跪谢,更需要孩子常回家看看。   □郭文斌(教师) 责任编辑:黄睿 SN224相关的主题文章: