College-University The public perception of a person’s career has long been the same, with every student following the same basic route: high school, then post-secondary diploma/degree and then into the work of world, with no looking back. The idea of continuing education, especially in later stages, has social stigmas attached with it. And despite knowing its benefits in long run, most professional avoid the idea of pursuing further studies. But there are professionals like Karen who are determined to boost their career in ever-changing business world and choose the unusual. She was working as a sales coordinator in a cosmetic .pany when she decided to continue her studies in global business management, in order to advance her career. She knew that business environment and employment climate were changing rapidly, and more and more businesses were going global. Karen was well aware of diminishing economic boundaries and thus, wanted to turn this situation in her favour. As she always had a keen interest in culture, language, geography, political systems and international business, she enrolled in Centennial College’s global business program. Karen was in a sales job before joining Centennial. And she quite liked this stream and that’s why her aim was to get into international marketing. The program helped her in strengthening her core business concepts as well as acquiring .petencies in international marketing, international finance, corporate social responsibility, international entrepreneurship, global logistics, import/export, international sales and negotiation and global business strategy. Apart from gaining knowledge, she also got an opportunity to explore diverse careers with international business .anizations. Before she joined this program, she wanted to build a career in international marketing. However, she landed in an import/export coordination job. On asking her what changed her mind, Karen said, I had never thought of alternative career options. I was in sales prior to joining global business program; so thought of boosting my sales career only. But after I got into this program, I realized that import/export would also make a great career choice. I found it more exciting. So, I took up a job in import/export department of my current .anization. She further said that going back to school was one of her best decisions she ever made. This not only helped upgrade her knowledge but also got her into a whole new career that she had never thought of. Before enrolling in this program, she never realized that there could be career options more exciting than her current job. Like Karen, you can also get a whole new career or be a part of an international business .anization. To enroll in this program, all you need is a post-secondary diploma in any discipline, willingness to learn and passion to make big in global business environment. The two-year diploma can change your career forever, opening doors to numerous career opportunities in Canada as well as across the globe. So, shed your preconceived notion about continuing education and be ready to take your career to new heights. Good Luck! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: