Julie through the prevention of cancer surgery is a declaration of love memories – Sohu entertainment Julie cancer prevention through surgery   Sohu entertainment   according to U.S. media reports, the official 12 years together part company each going his own way Julie and Pitt in 2016! Remember Angelina? Julie (Angelina Jolie) in 2013 for the prevention of breast cancer. In addition to the breasts surgery, also thanks to Brad? Pete’s company, it still said, now it seems very sad. Zhu Liji in 2013 after the removal of the breast, in March 2015 also did a prophylactic ovarian, tubal resection. She wrote "New York Times" in May 2013, admitted for breast cancer prevention and surgical resection of breasts and described in this paper, the mentality of 3 months of surgery, Brad also revealed that Pete? (Brad Pitt) on my side, moved to say: "this matter let us more intimate relations!" Angelina? Julie mentioned in the text, the mother battling cancer for 10 years, died 56 years old, and he is with BRCA1 gene, the probability of breast cancer is as high as 87%, there are 50% of the risk of developing ovarian cancer, she decided to take the initiative to put forward for breast surgery, but formal pre the treatment before surgery not only let her feel pain, and sometimes have bruises. Her special thanks to Brad? Peter, "I was very lucky to have Brad? Pete the partner, this paper want to tell every girl will undergo surgery, you on the other half, plays a very important role." During the operation, the small cloth to laugh with her through every minute, two people think it is a right, can make the family more intimate thing.   相关的主题文章: