Korean Pro intervention event fermentation: letter Pu Jinhui accepted 4 senior staff resignation Moderator: South Korean President cronies intervention events continue to simmer, today President Park Geun hye accepted some senior staff to resign, the same day events lead Cui Shunshi to return to South Korea for investigation. Commentary: according to Chong Wa Dae, South Korean presidential news release, Pu Jinhui accepted the resignation of four senior staff today, in addition to park Geun hye’s three longtime aides resigned, these officers are responsible for the coordination of South Korea is a key figure in domestic and foreign policy. At the same time, South Korea’s ruling New National Party announced that the party today held an emergency Supreme Committee meeting, decided to request the establishment of the so-called national park neutral cabinet, in response to the storm. This means that the repick appointed prime minister, and the candidate must also obtain the support of the ruling and opposition parties. Cui Shunshi returned to South Korea this morning, and issued a statement through a lawyer, apologized for the matter to the impact of the Korean people, and I did not show up in the presence of Cui Shunshi. Lawyers said Cui Shunshi will actively cooperate with prosecutors investigation. Cui Cui to amend the presidential speech and other events, the lawyer did not give an answer. Cui Shunshi lawyer: Cui Shunshi said through a lawyer, she will actively cooperate with the prosecution investigation, truthfully answer all the questions, she apologized for the impact of their actions on the public. Commentary: trusted politics after the scandal, South Korean prosecutors set up special prosecutors for investigation, 29 day and 30 day two days, South Korean prosecutors office of the President more than continuous Secretary house and offices were raided, seized a number of computer files, and mobile devices. According to Yonhap reported that prosecutors are two aides to President Park Geun hye’s investigation, the two people suspected of helping Cui Shunshi for the president’s speech, and help Cui Shunshi set up two huge amounts of money involved in the consortium. Yonhap reported that involved two consortia of funds of up to 80 billion won, or about 470 million yuan. According to South Korean media reported no official Cui Shunshi had received more than and 200 documents including 44 presidential speeches, and these documents only inside the presidential palace a few staff have the right to review, which triggered a strong reaction in South Korea, Pu Jinhui in the 25 day in the Chong Wa Dae issued a letter to the national book, just apologize after dry cronies. However, South Korea’s domestic public opinion has not subsided, protests continued in recent days. The 29 day Seoul, Busan, Kwangju and other places of the outbreak of mass protests, the organizers said about twenty thousand people attended the rally in Seoul, people park office, secret divulgence, conniving friends intervention corruption and other scandals in charge. The organizers of the protest that Cui Shun work of political crisis, Pu Jinhui has no ability, no ability to lead the government, so we are meeting here to request the resignation of Park Geun hye. We will continue to protest until the park down. South Korea’s ruling New National Party spokesman Kim May 30, said that the new national party held on the same day the highest emergency committee meeting, decided to request the establishment of "National Park neutral cabinet", in response to Cui Shunshi "intervention" caused by the storm.相关的主题文章: