Li Sheng on Gold: Gold 1322 rebound on schedule, the 5 day moving average into a critical pressure! Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! There are a lot of things can not be retained, such as far away time, such as not to do more than a single, as well as the leakage of empty single. Always used to miss something, but rarely for the implementation of more. On Monday, both the Asian plate rebound after the 1330 pressure point in the space of one, or 1321 U.S. Fanchou more than a single line, always in the expected volatility, dare to trust and perform only a small part, that is human nature is nature, when you don’t trust the capital before, the only thing you need to do is the unconditional trust. The interest rate and the flame went out, the long and short game war in September, has been considered a high probability period of Fed rate hike, Monday’s gold in the repeated roller coaster, but also reflects both sides of disagreement about the probability of rate hikes, before the bad news will raise interest rates to dampen, but the game between hawks and doves has not corpuscles, lead to the emergence of a large daily level of roller coaster ride since 1320, rising to 1350 above, and then returned to rise from a high point position. The last quarter of 2016, still full of the interest rate hike fears and worries, it is always hanging in everyone’s head of the sword, whether you look at the future of how to raise interest rates, even if this is expected in the continuous cooling, and promises to the people, which has let many people begin to doubt the human nature, it can how this is a mutual trust and hurt the game only, the interest rate will be set off the climax, but will not affect the gold market to bring disastrous. The plate fell plate to break at the end, before the U.S. disc induced rebound is this one, you should not unfamiliar, on Friday the market is such a go, after continuous decline, rebounded 1338 eventually died down, the 1330 Powei support area, which is to lure more and Boga speed market, again and again by the market test. However, the trend is not after Monday like early dropping rebound in 1330 has been under pressure, until the afternoon is not to break down in early 1330, this time must Bo again empty, if not fall down and the disk transfer positions, 132930 of our empty yesterday so to judgment. The beauty of the Asian plate gold disc Powei low, let me more confident that night there is a fall, and finally to 132122 profit point. Why Monday clearly pointed out that the 1322 will usher in a rebound perhaps, someone said Mongolia, some people say guess, then why are you always so wrong and I have to empty, see 132221 position is very clear in 4 hours, is the early stage of starting up a point where up to get back to where, and for the first time the price of gold hit will form a rebound, some people think that 1320 is a rebound in news, some people think that is accidental, in the disk can know that there is data in advance by the rebound, I know that people always give yourself something missing for a seemingly unassailable theory相关的主题文章: