Liu Qiangdong: "Internet plus modern agriculture to promote sustainable development of rural electricity providers – Beijing, Beijing, September 9, 7 days, the" Internet plus "modern agriculture work conference held in Suzhou, the meeting in response to the important deployment of the CPC Central Committee and State Council on the implementation of the" Internet plus "action plan, to stimulate new energy industry in agriculture the information at present, the meeting will further boost the agricultural supply side structural reform, for the entire modern agricultural service quality and efficiency. As the only representative of the General Assembly on behalf of the enterprise, Liu Qiangdong said at the meeting, in recent years, Jingdong vigorously develop agricultural electricity supplier, is the hope that the development of the rural economy through the Internet, changing the production and living of farmers. In his speech, Liu Qiangdong shares of Jingdong group in power "Internet plus the development of modern agriculture and experience". In recent years, through the construction of cold chain logistics network, the establishment of rural Internet financial system, the promotion of agricultural products brand, to solve the problem of agricultural products circulation, production and sales. Liu Qiangdong said that the cold chain network of Jingdong has covered 63 large and medium-sized city, Beijing, Shanghai, the city of Chengdu in more than and 20 fresh day of service for agriculture and rural; Beijing IOUs, IOUs agricultural and other financial innovations, so that farmers can use the money to Jingdong business, income, wealth; by the country of origin direct mining + import mode, Jingdong can greatly improve the quality and safety of agricultural products and the level of premium sales. In addition, Jingdong also vigorously carry out electricity supplier training, improve agricultural electricity supplier industry chain. At the conference, the Ministry of agriculture group and Jingdong signed a business cooperation agreement of agricultural electronic, both sides will be in agricultural production and marketing of high-quality resources, precise poverty, channel sink and information villages and households, big data research and cooperation, the rural financial and other aspects of comprehensive cooperation, promote agricultural e-commerce and the development of modern agriculture, agricultural transformation and upgrading to help farmers to get rich. To high-quality resources for agricultural production and marketing as an example, the Jingdong will jointly with the Ministry of agriculture, cooperate on national brand-name products, agricultural industrialization enterprises, modern agricultural demonstration zone, the national farmer cooperatives demonstration agency and other fields, to cultivate a group of high quality, safe, suitable, well-known marketable agricultural products brand marketing. The two sides will also through the production of sheet, online specialty shop, high-end agricultural community direct supply and other means, to jointly promote the high-quality resources of agricultural production and marketing. In order to solve the problem of rural economic development, the Jingdong in early 2015 put forward the rural electricity supplier "3F" strategy, as of June 30, 2016, the promotion of rural Jingdong of nearly 300 thousand people, "the Jingdong help service shop" the number of breakthrough 1500 home appliance shop; range distribution services over 420 thousand administrative villages. Jingdong rural electricity supplier ecological centers and service centers in the country has more than 1500 counties landing, including electricity providers, logistics, finance, including services. In order to practice the National Precision poverty alleviation strategy, Jingdong from the industrial poverty alleviation, employment poverty alleviation, poverty alleviation and financial poverty alleviation and development of the four major areas of electricity providers to solve poverty. In the industries of poverty, as of now, Jingdong has helped 46 impoverished counties established specialty Museum; in the recruitment of poverty, from the beginning of 2016,.相关的主题文章: