Media: Hongkong’s high degree of autonomy does not mean what can the central pipe of the original title: editorial opinion: a talk on the central trap: the destruction of Hongkong autonomous people’s Congress is likely to release results released on Monday in Hongkong, the opposition Sunday some supporters took to the streets to protest against and lead to conflict, some members of the legal profession also announced that it will hold a demonstration in the silence in black Tuesday. The Legislative Council on the country shame Liang Songheng, travel and other extreme molecular Huizhen people through the media that interpretation would "destroy Hongkong" judicial independence "with dictatorship instead of one country two systems" and other Western media, enthusiastically help spread this argument, like standing in a "illegal". For a period of time, Hongkong was formed an opinion of the trap, it is the prerequisite and measure of value and the basic law set different, including the central Hongkong pipe should not matter, as long as the central issue of Hongkong to express their views, is the destruction of Hongkong’s high degree of autonomy; only to the National People’s Congress interpretation is to destroy the justice of Hongkong independent, etc.. Article 158th of the basic law clearly states that the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress has the power of interpretation of this law, which means that the people’s Congress not only has the right to interpret the law, but also the effectiveness of the interpretation of the content equivalent to the basic law. But the radical opposition in Hongkong and a few in the legal profession have argued that their interpretation of the basic law is the most respected, as if they should be placed on the National People’s congress. What is "one country, two systems"? What is the legal meaning of a high degree of autonomy? Everyone may have their views, but these are not the right to define the core concept of the right, Hongkong public opinion can be diverse, but the NPCSC interpretation of the basic law is not allowed to challenge the power of. Hongkong activists believe that the interpretation of the law of the people’s Republic of China undermines Hongkong’s high degree of autonomy and judicial independence, indicating that the "high degree of autonomy" and "judicial independence" in their minds are not the same as those defined in the basic law. When the National People’s Congress, it is necessary for them to correct their biased understanding. If they take action, it is precisely against the rule of law in Hongkong, anarchy. In fact, some of the opponents of the people’s Congress is clear that the law is completely legitimate, but they are to say that people do not legitimate. This is a way for them to carry out a political struggle, they attempt to confuse the central law in Hongkong under the jurisdiction of extrusion and the influence of the space, the erosion of the central authority. Hongkong has never been an independent entity, in the period of the British and British, the British legal system profoundly affected the Hongkong, including the national interests of the United Kingdom, the country’s political bottom line into the rule of law in Hongkong. After Hongkong’s return to the motherland, its common law system can be retained, but the rule of law in Hongkong can not be contrary to the law of People’s Republic of China. The basic meaning is the common law of Hongkong and the "People’s Republic of China constitution" connected, so that the basic law is the constitutional law of Hongkong, Hongkong’s legal system is not inconsistent with the basic law, and shall comply with the "People’s Republic of China constitution" of the spirit. The central will not interfere with daily judicial affairs in Hongkong, interpretation of the NPC Standing Committee has been with the basic law. But Liang swim two people with them相关的主题文章: