Media: officials offenders under the age of 14 what the "lucky"? Sohu news for local officials sexually abused girls were 14 lucky, this is kind of basic health screening phase mentality of evil conscience, lost sensitive. Recently, Hunan Cili County Bureau of the former party members, the discipline inspection team leader Liu Li was open because of "whoring", and was informed Zhangjiajie City Commission for Discipline inspection. Is the offender is a 14 year old girl and 10 days. Interestingly, Cili County Propaganda Department official said in an interview, Liu Li was out of luck and joy, he is unfortunate because prostitution is double, fortunately he was in a relationship that girl just over 14 years of age. This led Public opinion is seething with indignation. The value is still ignorant of the girls have been raped, and to her family, is a great misfortune. From a psychological perspective, the girl was sexually assaulted, it is easy to leave a psychological shadow, traumatic memory and degeneration. As long as there is a basic right to judge, the slightest weak consciousness of solicitude, will to deflower the evil of "zero tolerance", the victim of the case in sympathy with. What is taking public officials have the heavy responsibility in the protection of minors. Treacherous, relevant personnel to make "bad" and "lucky" on the offender’s judgment: as the Local Taxation Bureau of discipline inspection cadres Liu Li by Party and government discipline, because of sexual assault of girls is to blame, as colleagues in the "Wrath of the law" at the same time, the founder expressed regret, can understand, can be unfortunately, the punishment as "bad luck" rather than the consequences, this is the wording wrong or cognitive distortions? The "lucky" and his offending object is "girl" instead of "girl", it is more than cold, is a non value dislocation disorder. The young people have hudu complex, and the victim is a child, the encounter with sympathy, but for the offender can be light punishment and that this has nothing to do with "protection of cadres", but with the generation phase of basic mentality health screening of evil conscience, is lost sensitive. Indeed, according to the definition of the law of our country, a girl under the age of 14 as the "girl", as long as their sexual relations, whether or not informed, are convicted and punished by the crime of rape, this is not the "against their will" as the element; and at the age of 14 are girls, if it is voluntary, and its occurrence the relationship can not bear the legal responsibility, as a cadre may only bear the responsibility of government. In fact, the local party officials to act as a "sexual girl whoring", has caused a lot of questions: if confirmed including victims, more than girls, was trick prostitute matchmaking, lure, stress prostitution, sexual relations that no victims "willing", there are lawyers said. "The contract and forced signed contract is invalid, the girl was not forced prostitution prostitution", the sexual assault is also suspected of rape; disregard these, identify their behavior is "prostitution", which is the subtext of the victims "prostitute", rationality is torture. Step back and say, even the "prostitution", officials involved have been punished, but can not be to discipline punishment. In many countries and regions, the crime of age is not the card in the "14 years" of sexual abuse of minors, but higher or age as an important basis for punishment. According to China’s Hongkong相关的主题文章: