Minute bid farewell to Chengdu auto show fuel oil tiger count black technology – Sohu automobile Sohu [distance headlamp] with the Chengdu auto show the curtain slowly opened, I believe everyone will find that one of the largest auto show this year’s theme is the fuel saving technology. We all know that with the engine thermal efficiency, or the power unit of gasoline will gradually increase, that is to say our car will be more fuel-efficient. So, how to improve the thermal efficiency, how to improve the unit power as much as possible, it has become the goal of major companies. This article I will take you to the comb, the technology has a unique place, which also has different approaches but equally satisfactory results wonderful? By the head of the figure, let’s talk about Audi. The Volkswagen Group’s new third generation EA888 engine models in recent Morgan reactor equipped with a new Audi A4L listed, certainly also chose the third generation EA888 engine. So, what is this engine fuel saving technology? According to Audi official introduction, the new 2 TFSI engine using innovative combustion mode, a substantial increase in fuel economy, fuel consumption control at 5L 100km. Sounds like an impossible data, right? Then we’ll see, Audi is how to do: we know that the work of the gasoline engine is produced in the outbreak of stroke, that if the outbreak of stroke remains the piston through the ending point of time is relatively slow, can make full use of combustion gas expansion pressure to generate power. However, if the expansion ratio becomes larger, so that the compression ratio of the engine will also increase, and the compression ratio increased, the problem is very difficult to avoid the knock, how to do? The Miller cycle tricky place in here, it is sucked in the air intake, and to secretly put out: in the beginning of the compression stroke, the intake valve is not closed, so there is a part of the mixed gas is returned to the intake manifold. In this way, the compression ratio is less than the expansion ratio, which is the distinction between Otto and the cycle. Audi uses a technology called AVS, which is the electronic valve control mechanism. The utility model has the advantages that the switch between the Miller cycle and the ordinary Otto cycle can be realized by adjusting the stepless valve switch. In other words, when you only need to lift 50 kilograms of stone, the system switches to the Miller cycle, when your task is 100 kg, the system is switched back to the normal Otto cycle. And all of this is automatic, the engine computer perception of the power needs of the high and low, and then switch to the combustion mode to deal with. Through the use of AVS technology, Audi realized in A4’s new fuel economy law. So, there is no other enterprises also have been successful in saving? Sure, let’s talk about TOYOTA’s 8AR-FTS. The Chengdu auto show, TOYOTA brings the Highlander, crown and so on a number of mature models. They are invariably the application of the 2.0T engine. The old engine, the 2.7 liter inline, the four cylinder engine, was finally phased out and replaced by a new code named 8AR-FTS, which is the only one in which the engine was designed for the 3AR-FE相关的主题文章: