Nanjing, the fire all over the maltose "burst juice" duck tongue to Hangzhou! Sohu recently heard eating cattle shop just three months in the country out of more than and 200 and each one is called the halogen a shop which is said to be a dazzling star people queue up, regardless of the weather to Hangzhou after the girl rushed to Binjiang special chowhound street to see the garbage how much beef cattle shop? Sure enough, the first day of trial operation before the door has lined up all the way to smell the smell of chicken feet to fly to Chongqing once a luxury to eat in a dream now 20 feet in the garbage can street to eat carefully asked the shop while people are fighting the main halogen called chicken claw. The palm sized duck tongue and popular single product must say that this shop fried duck tongue is really too delicious to eat a full pull juice will burst out of the original one in the fried duck tongue always wrapped in maltose guarantee gold color, and lock the duck tongue in tender juice easypro woman is chowhound mind love, someone’s palm is on the powder to taste the treasure, full of monosodium glutamate on it is not delicious. The method of making the family is the first brine and then deep fried, so the taste has penetrated into the meat, bite Q Q bomb bomb, also the creak of walking and eating very dynamic. They must "recommend" wall crack, a large number of glioma. A bite out of the crisp inside the tender, the skin is very crisp fried, but not greasy. I can’t stop eating! Be carefully cut into small pieces, convenient for you to eat when watching a movie, 20 yuan a bag full of weight, the movie can not finish eating too much! Marinated chicken feet except fried chicken feet, this is home for home! The old brine carefully blended, then do not say! All kinds of secret sauce, cooked meticulously tasted their boss, many times have the confidence to sell out. Every day, the distribution of fresh pickled ingredients, as clean as their own home! The bag of words speak chowhound hearts! I just don’t want to eat! Finally, in 95 after the woman found chowhound, I shop hard work, it is the shop owners! Who is this shop for three individual partnership open, because once together in Nanjing to eat once, you will never forget the taste of fried chicken. So decided to open a garbage Street next to the school, for the benefit of all students! The cashier asked brother glasses take a Zhang Shuai 95 after all out of business, which makes us these self proclaimed "baby" after 80, 90 ottuke!相关的主题文章: