New energy vehicles need to heat, add fire (big data observation) – Finance – drawing: Cai Huawei August 25th, 2016 Beijing fourth small passenger car index Yaohao allocation results, not expected, this year’s 51 thousand index of new energy vehicles have been robbed, 3299 people are still unable to obtain new energy vehicle license plate. It also shows that the new energy vehicles, but did not get personal or need to wait until next year waiting through the application configuration. According to the data released by the Beijing passenger car index control and management office, this year’s annual quota of 150 thousand passenger cars in Beijing, including new energy passenger car quota of 60 thousand. The unit of new energy bus configuration, but also in the third phase of the configuration is completed. No longer see multiple factors to produce thrust compared with last year’s waste index, to describe this year in Beijing City, new energy automobile index allocation situation with "go", not too much. Beijing Chaoyang District City, Mr. Wang is the year fourth new energy passenger car applications, "before this, I have to apply for a small passenger car index of nearly 40, recently heard of new energy vehicles will also be likely to get the number, so the decision to give up for car fuel indicator." For new energy vehicles will be tightening quotas such as Mr. Wang worry, as for new energy vehicles "arms" of the people of Beijing, is increasing. Yan Jinghui engaged in car sales for many years, said: from the number of applications in recent years to see the change in the number of consumers by the state has become a sense of urgency." National Passenger Car Association Secretary General Cui Dongshu said: "whether units or individuals, the number of applications has been according to the degree of tension plate showed the corresponding fluctuations, which is decided by the distribution system of Beijing plate of the car market. Not only many families have a rigid demand for cars, unit car demand is also relatively strong, so consumers have never experienced the process of recognition." Mr. Li, who lives in Fengtai District this year, successfully applied to the second phase of the new energy passenger car index, the family is on the kindergarten children, taking into account the usual travel radius is not too large, I bought a JAC iEV5. State subsidies for new energy vehicles, in actual use, I also quite satisfied, can be said to be shooting two birds with one stone." New energy vehicle license application hot, the actual number of buyers has not kept up. The main reason is to get a license, allowing a half year delay, and consumers want to see a better product launch during this time, wait and see attitude is more common. In addition, the phenomenon of the phenomenon of the existence of the license sublet, because not everyone is eligible for a license, some of the needs of the foreign population in violation of the provisions of the way to obtain the license to use the opportunity." Cui Dongshu analysis. Begun to taste the sweetness is not limited to the line, the energy consumption and low cost of new energy vehicles, especially electric cars in the demonstration process, so that consumers tasted a lot of sweetness. Mr White told reporters: low energy consumption, no limit, no limit line, is my biggest motivation to buy electric cars." The industry has three kwh, a liter of oil ", 3 degrees of electricity that electric cars, running mileage can reach 1 liters of oil fuel vehicles. Since last year since the end of September, a new)相关的主题文章: