Not to accompany the child too tired, but your method is not right – [picture] maternal attention selection of Sohu, to obtain the wisdom of parenting! Methods: open WeChat to add friends to search, to jxhuiben and attention! Wen Yunxiang high quality company is not only our traditional parents wholeheartedly accompany the children to play, there is a more important but often overlooked, with high quality: children play themselves, parents do their work on the side. The two kinds of organic combination, only the most reasonable. This is not only to accompany the children, but also to parents. To accompany the child too tired? The wrong way do not know what time from the beginning, raising children into most of the family is the heaviest burden, a man cannot have a child, the most common situation is that a stay-at-home mom with an elderly or nanny needs cooperation of two or more people can complete this arduous baby the task is even more frightening, despite several people involved in raising baby cooperation, as long as people are tired out. So, when I was a full-time mother, I often ask my mother: "where is your nanny?" When they learned that I don’t have a nanny, did not help the elderly no more hours, they face a sympathy be frightened and change color, looked at me and said: "Hey, you are not tired? You are too strong, how can you stand it?" In fact, I’m not tired, but every day the training, refreshed, the book book. Of course, if I have a lot of people in accordance with the method of raising children: every day, every hour and moment do not keep the kids play with the children, the children finally fell asleep, the mother hurriedly cooking, laundry, cleaning the room, things haven’t finished, the baby woke up, to accompany the baby…… I really will be exhausted, because don’t such a mother have their own leisure time, even have time to sleep is very difficult to guarantee. The problem is, so all the time to accompany the child, is the child needs it? So tired and hard, there is no personal time of mother’s mood can be good? How does a mother who is tired and tired every day raise a calm and confident child? In fact, before one year old child, mother often do need to accompany, but when children learn to walk, then began to explore the world of their own mother, more is needed to let go, that is to say, the children do not need you always accompany him to play! This idea may surprise many parents: "what? Do we always accompany him but not good? Don’t put the child on the side not to talk to him?" Here involves a concept: high quality company. How to judge the quality of the company is not high? What is the real quality of the company? While working with me to accompany the high quality of the standard is not the parents and children in the state of the moment. As long as the state of the two sides is happy and serene, this company is accompanied by high quality. In other words, the quality of the company, does not mean that parents are on standby, accompanied by children playing games. In fact, in the family, the high quality of the company is not only in our traditional sense of parents to accompany their children to play, there is a more important.相关的主题文章: