Interior-Decorating It’s the most fantastic, breath taking and scariest day of your life. You are bringing home the most precious possession that you alone are responsible for. Over the last nine months you have devoured every book imaginable on how to take care of your new bundle of joy. You have also spent hours thumbing through numerous catalogs and magazines to decorate the room that your newborn will spend most of its time in. You are aware that this special place can be the key for your child’s development. Before this child a reality you just know that everything has to be perfect. The main theme that has appeared from all that you have read is that you must make this room a place of learning, cozy and .forting. It must have a feeling of love and warmth and the security for the child to be his or herself and grow. Since you will also be spending most of your time there you need to appreciate the room as well. Remember if you are happy and relaxed so will your child. The first step for the walls is to choose a color schemes. Studies have shown that it is best to choose colors that are light, clear and breezy. Dark shades offer a non stimulating environment and can make the room feel closed in and smaller. Introducing warm colors like rose, peach or primrose helps create a feeling of coziness and adventure. The sooner the baby feels at home in the room the better for everyone involved in its care. Have fun and be creative and most of all keep safety in mind. Making the perfect space for your little one can be a wonderful experience. You want to make certain whatever wall decor you choose, this will be a place that is .forting and will surround the child with slumber and lullabies and stimuli. Children grow faster then you expect so try to pick a theme that will grow with your child. You might choose just to do wallpaper borders or stick-ups that can easily be removed when your child has a mind of their own. Another idea is to choose a theme that you can keep adding to as the child develops. Make his or her room one that they will enjoy for years and everyone will win. Some popular themes are characters from nursery rhymes and fairy tails. When they reach the toddler years these pictures on their walls will be recognized as friends from the stories they have been told over and over again. Animals and flowers are a couple of other soothing themes I might suggest. Whatever you finally decide on, a must for all new parents is to purchase a wall covering that is washable and easy to remove. In early childhood children have trouble distinguishing what is real from what is imaginary. Whatever characters you decide on, the images should be gentle and definitely not scary. Consider incorporating shapes, circles, triangles and rectangles also with geometric shapes. It is known that these shapes will allow a child to focus better on objects, which will be a boost to their development. Try to also incorporate colorful patchwork designs and a .bination of textures. The goal to keep in mind when deciding on a theme, color, design and material is that you want wall decor that will attract your babies attention but not overwhelm them so they find it too stimulating to relax. This is the best time of your life and the excitement that is inside of you is sure to spark your enthusiasm and will automatically generate exciting decor ideas. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: