Occupation beggars monthly income of 7000 super ordinary white-collar workers said money enough to spend a central broadcasting network Tai’an on October 21st news (reporter Chai Anton) according to the voice of Chinese "peak Evening News" reported that in the city bus station, shopping malls, plazas and other crowded places, people will see the clothes worn out, even disabled beggars, there are people would have to give them some money. But recently, the media survey found that these vagrants and beggars are mostly "professional beggars", and the income of more than one month is about six thousand or seven thousand yuan, even more than ordinary white-collar workers. After several autumn rains, the minimum temperature in Shandong, Tai’an, is below 5 degrees, which means the most difficult day for Vagrants and beggars to arrive. Tai’an rescue station recently visited the streets several times a week, helping vagrants and beggars, sending them cotton padded quilts. But they told the Qilu Evening News reporter Yang Lu, several inspections down, few people are willing to accept the rescue: "now the streets of Tai’an most of the vagrants and beggars, are professional beggars, they will not accept the rescue station.". If the people in the rescue station take them to the rescue station, let them eat, give them clothes, what they say will affect their work. So they see the rescue station is very evasive, usually xianpao." Close to the Tai’an bus station there is a small alley, a walk to Aoyama community, here looks very loud, the inside of the many small hotel. Is there a hotel waiter told reporters, often morning guests dressed in shabby clothes to go out, and in the house at night back to eat, some people check out to wear good clothes, appearance panruoliangren. A 76 year old beggar told reporters that he was from Anhui, usually busy busy to go home, to Beijing, Shanghai to beg, finally chose to come to Tai’an. Reporter: "you have no home?" Should there be land in the countryside? Why don’t you cultivate land?" Begging for the elderly: "seeds, fertilizer expensive, but also pesticides, remove seed money, remove chemical fertilizer money, remove pesticide money, not enough flowers."." Reporter: "the first two days of corn harvest, you go home?"" Begging the old man: "go back, and the corn is back again."." A community of small supermarket boss told reporters that there are several occupation beggars almost every night to his shop during the day to change into the whole money, less sixty or seventy yuan a day, more than two hundred or three hundred yuan a day: "for example, they pretend to be deaf and disabled, as a student, lost money to tour pal ticket this is a separate, stop pedestrians beg, may face fewer people, but a successful amount is relatively large, basically ten dollars and twenty dollars, we asked the staff of the station, there will be two hundred or three hundred yuan a day." Shandong Hao was director of law firm Zhou Changpeng believes, should rely on legal means to strengthen the management of occupation Beggars: "hope to regard it as a kind of occupation to be defined, the beggar should be within the legal control; also is beyond occupation beggar outside the vexatious and other illegal acts, should be punished according to the law of punishment the administration of public security; another is to rescue personnel have credit records, some is occupation beggars, not included in the inside to rescue object."

职业乞丐月收入7000超普通白领 称种地钱不够花央广网泰安10月21日消息 (记者 柴安东) 据中国之声《新闻晚高峰》报道,在城市车站、商场、广场等人员密集场所,市民会看到衣衫破旧不堪、甚至身体残疾的流浪乞讨人员,有人会心生怜悯,给他们一些钱财。可是近日有媒体调查后发现,这些流浪乞讨人员大多是“职业乞讨者”,而且收入多的一个月大约六七千元,甚至超过普通白领。几场秋雨过后,山东泰安的最低气温到了5℃以下,这意味着流浪乞讨人员一年最难度过的日子到了。泰安市救助站近期每周几次上街巡查,救助流浪乞讨人员,给他们送棉衣棉被。但他们告诉齐鲁晚报记者杨璐,几次巡查下来,没有几个人愿意接受救助的:“现在泰安街面上绝大部分的流浪乞讨的,都是职业乞讨者,他们根本就不会接受救助站的救助。如果救助站的人把他们带到救助站,让他们吃饭,给他们棉衣什么的,他们会说影响了他们的工作。所以他们见了救助站的人是非常回避的,一般都是先跑。”紧邻泰安汽车站有一条小胡同,往里一走是青山社区,这里看起来很不扎眼,里边的小旅馆很多。有旅馆服务员告诉记者,常有客人早上穿着破旧衣服出门,晚上带回酒菜在屋里吃喝,有的人退房时穿上好衣服,外表判若两人。一位76岁的乞讨者告诉记者,他来自安徽,平时农忙就回家,忙完就到北京、上海乞讨,最后选择来到泰安。记者:“您家没有地吗?农村应该有地啊?你怎么不种地?”乞讨老人:“种子、化肥贵,还要农药,去掉种子钱、去掉化肥钱,去掉农药钱,不够花。”记者:“那前两天收玉米你回家了吗?”乞讨老人:“回去了,收完玉米又回来了。”一家社区小超市的老板告诉记者,有几个职业乞讨人员几乎每晚都来他店里把白天要的零钱换成整钱,少的一天六七十元,多的一天二三百元:“比如他们扮成残疾人,扮成聋哑人,扮成驴友、学生丢了钱想要车票这样的,都是单独拦住行人讨要,可能面对的人比较少,但一单成功的数额比较大,基本上十块、二十块,我们问过车站的工作人员,一天下来会有二三百元。”山东豪才律师事务所主任周长鹏认为,应当依靠法律手段加强对职业乞讨人员的管理:“希望将来把它作为一种职业来进行定义化,这种乞丐应该在合法的管控之内;也就是超出职业乞丐之外的无理纠缠等违法行为的,应根据治安管理处罚法进行处罚;再一个就是对进行救助的人员有信用记录,有的就是职业乞丐,不能纳入救助对象里边来。”相关的主题文章: