Games Finally it is Sunday but unfortunately it is raining cats and dogs outside. You have to stay at home. But! If you wanted to experience some extraordinary kind of feeling this weekend, to see something that you have never seen before, free online flash game Octplop is an excellent choice for you. Wel.e to the underwater world! Underneath the blue waves you will meet wonderful and funny creatures. In this game you will observe how a bunch of little friends of different colors will make up lines and groups. And when you notice that there is a line or a group of creatures of the same colour one click of the mouse on this group and – puff, it is all gone! Also you can use bombs if there is no other choice. The reason is that the shells are not willing to give up, even if you see them in a row or in a group you can not do anything except to explode them with the help of a dark and scary bomb that looks as prickly as an urchin. There are three ways that you can play this game. If you choose arcade, you will have to .pete against time. The more levels you pass, the bigger variety of creatures who get faster and faster you will meet. You must be very attentive, do not let their number grow! If you prefer a slower speed and a thoughtful game, then a classic variant is exactly what you need! Here you will have time to think over the strategy how to to kill the lines and groups of little inhabitants of the ocean more thoroughly. If you do not like to loose, then you will like Zen variant of this flash game . It is surely for those who are ready to spend a lot of time playing .puter games fighting for the victory! It is a colourful and fascinating game with magnificent graphics. If you pay attention to the faces of the tiny octopuses, those face expressions won’t make you feel indifferent, some look funny and, some look hostile and really crazy or even evil. But be careful! There are creatures of colors slightly different in their shade, that is why when you see them at first they seem to look alike and for this reason you try to spend some time in vain efforts clicking on a bunch of octopuses but there is no result, they keep making faces at you and meanwhile the number of others, the so called new.ers keeps on growing. There are more than 20 levels in this online free flash game , so you will have a chance to practice your skills and develop your attention. With each next level the game more difficult, so make sure you have a quick reaction, be attentive and resourceful. And do not forget that you are lucky today because you can enjoy the magnificent view of the underwater world of the ocean while sitting at home in front of your .puter playing this hilarious game, the Octplop! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: