Panasonic white card machine can also be fun, Leica lens camera series – foot feelings LUMIX Sohu has technology Matsushita ushered in the fifteenth year, the characteristics of it, is always with the Leica camera, it launched a new card machine, Panasonic LUMIX LX10, can be said to be the only card machine million most players have feelings. The new machine LX10 is a full metal body design card camera. LUMIX LX10, the biggest feature is the collocation of the latest development of F1.4 LEICA DC VARIO-SUMMILUX lens, which has a large aperture of F1.4-2.8 (equivalent to 35mm camera: 24-72mm), and build their Matsushita 1 inch high sensitivity of MOS sensor, with 20 million 100 thousand pixel resolution of the sensor allows the camera to show pictures, more everyday the quality of the 3cm macro shooting and night shooting effect. LUMIX LX10 as a super small card machine, but also incorporated into the 4K video capture function. The image processor uses a new Venus 4 core processor that handles complex video information. Multi process advanced noise reduction function, can effectively reduce the details and image processing, accurate reproduction ability and can improve the color, and let the image can be very good in the saturation and brightness adjustment. When shooting video, fear most is handshaken, if you are a star handshaken, you need not be afraid, LUMIX LX10 is also equipped with five axis stabilization and correction function, multi angle shooting handshaken situation in the film for the novice to use ~ in addition to shooting 4K video, the user can also extract the best video frame in the save photos. In five seconds up to the need to save up to 150 photos, very suitable for people who need to take action. LUMIX LX10 can also be achieved through their own mathematical operations and real-time cutting function, the effect of the late cutting zoom, more powerful than SLR and video processing software. It has a 3 inch touch screen, can be tilted 180° so, the self is not a problem, and to set up their own, a beauty, a face lift optical effect, but to make their own photos to be recognized, or learn more worthwhile photography to learn oh. Post processing is also not afraid, RAW format images can also be directly in the camera, simple post-processing through the touch screen, let go out also the first time the original film straight out, not home after open PS repair repair out of computer. Oh, he also supports Wi-Fi technology to connect the mobile phone directly, the camera repaired directly to my circle of friends, sharing (Zhuang) Music (BI) indescribably easy. ————END————– when the head of Hasselblad camera for a reason! Look at the world’s first home hasselblad!相关的主题文章: