People on the purchase of WeChat milk money transferred to the other side but he pulled the black I bought milk powder on WeChat, the money turned over, the goods did not receive, the other side pulled me black!" I sold my watch in the circle of friends, there are customers that no money, let me first delivery, a few days and then pay, who knows not below! I know that person’s telephone number, could you please give me a call?……" Recently, just one afternoon, Jiaxing, Haining 12315 complaints center staff received a number of complaints about WeChat shopping cheated. WeChat as a new social platform, has penetrated into people’s daily lives; WeChat shopping encounter scam, is not a new topic, but this is still happening every day." Haining City Consumer Protection Committee of the relevant responsible person said, most of the "derivative" can be law-abiding integrity, but there is a so-called "don’t hungry micro business, WeChat through this platform, to exchange a commodity as bait, to damage the interests of the transaction. It is understood that, in addition to have a business license and other legal procedures of the enterprise or individual industrial and commercial households, in the WeChat platform to carry out sales activities, promoting products and transactions, most of the WeChat deal, belonging to individual transactions between only belong to the "contract law" and "civil law" normative category, but does not apply to "consumer protection law" adjust and standardize. In this regard, the responsible person to remind the general public: if you want to purchase goods through micro business, we must first verify the authenticity of the micro business personal information and contact information, a copy of ID card and even micro business to provide real, if the buyer does not understand each other’s true personal information, once they delete WeChat friends, it can not do anything, not to mention the rights; secondly, for the purchase of the factory name and address, origin, date of production, quality and other information as much as possible to verify, keep shopping vouchers to shopping, such as chat records, the seller at the time of purchase in the circle of friends published information and screenshots, waybill number, transfer records; again, as the micro business needs to master the real situation of purchased products, even if the blind purchase into fakes, losses, rights difficulty will also be quite large.相关的主题文章: