The couple prepared pregnant without success don’t give them too much pressure for long time Sohu maternal pregnancy preparation failed couples, presumably psychological must have untold pain, so need more family and social care, in the hope that we can’t give them too much pressure, let’s give him a little love. 1 society, family and the pressure of our country is a country with a long history, many traditional ideas have been ingrained, and the child is a complete family of essential elements. Although with the progress of the society, perhaps, you just want to do not have children DINK family, but the family in the traditional sense of shock, but also will be unable to integrate into the ranks of traditional families. In your shock, possibly from the parents of the third generation of hope, or from friends and relatives and neighbors is also possible with your groundless talk, the growth of the age, that should be a child to complete the family. Whatever the reason you have a child, you have already started a plan for a child. If you want to have, it is best, but if you do not want, it will bring you great distress, so that you are extremely painful. Maybe you want a child not to be willing, but the pressure has made you have to, in order to get rid of trouble, you embark on a long road to healing. 2 styled desperately wanted a child, but I always can’t do, so run around Xunyiwenyao, hoping to have a baby as soon as possible. However, the examination and treatment of infertility is very complex, and it takes a lot of time and money. When in a place not satisfied with the results, and will be removed to another place, now that, in recent years, you have traveled on both sides of the Changjiang River, not only did not conceive a child, still almost made bankrupt. Perhaps you do not know what the reason is that you do not have children are not clear, the result is no one would like to see. 3 lucky goddess has been self defeating hope around you, hope this month after the treatment, the next month will be able to get pregnant. But the bigger the hope, the greater the disappointment. When you have experienced many disappointments, you are close to the edge of collapse. Perhaps only his wife before menstruation, but after treatment became amenorrhea; perhaps her husband had only less sperm, but after treatment but no sperm evolution. What is the reason for the deterioration of the disease? Is psychological, after countless blows, you are mentally and physically exhausted. 4 fear of psychological fear to the hospital, afraid of the doctor’s inquiry, but also afraid of the necessary means of inspection, what is the reason for you to have so much to worry about? Afraid to go to the hospital as long queues waiting for registration, visit the doctor asked after; afraid to give you a disappointing answer; also afraid to check the time to find more problems, because you can not afford to have more hit. If this fear of psychology has been with you, will directly affect your endocrine normal physiological function. Now think about it, is it because of this reason.相关的主题文章: