Putin said many athletes take drugs is "legal" outrageous behavior – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Moscow, September 16th sports news (reporter Luan Hai) Russian President Putin attended the meeting of the CIS Council of heads of state in Kyrgyzstan, capital of Bishkek 16, pointed out that multinational athletes recently traced the drug is allowed to outrageous behavior. According to the Moscow Kremlin Russian presidential palace 16 news release, Putin said at the meeting: "I am not in favor of hacking, but they (namely" fantasy bear "hackers) can’t do a thing without causing international public opinion especially in sports interest. There are a lot of problems." Putin said that some of the seemingly healthy athletes can legally eat some drugs, while others can not take. In addition, some were suffering from severe illness, people with physical disabilities are suspected of eating a certain drug being shut out of the Paralympic games. This approach is beyond reasonable limits. According to RIA Novosti news agency reported on the 16 day, the day of the day, the day of the day, and also announced the release of the list of the list of the list of the third batch of banned drugs, a total of 11 athletes from the list of 5 countries. Including 4 well-known players — Rio from Britain’s Olympic gold medal winner in women’s boxing Nicola? Adams, won two gold medals in the women’s cycling Rio Lara Trotter?, won a gold silver medal in women’s swimming Rio O Conner, Siobhan Marie? Get a silver medal in the women’s rowing Rio Carnegie Olivia? Brown. Another 3 Australian players on the list, they are in the Olympic Games in Rio won a gold medal of the Australian women’s rowing players Brennan, Kimberley? Get a silver medal at the men’s rowing Rio Alexander? Bello Nor Goff and won a gold medal in the men’s cycling Bo Bridge Jack?. The other 4 players were exposed from Germany, Denmark and spain. Together with the previous "fantasy bear" released the two batch of the drug list, a total of 40 athletes to get the World Anti Doping Agency license, taking drugs containing prohibited ingredients.相关的主题文章: