PPC-Advertising If you are a Web site owner, a good way of monetizing your Web pages is by using AdSense. AdSense is Googles program for serving contextual advertisements on Web pages. If you enroll for AdSense, Google will display advertisements on your Web page that are related to the content on that page. But how does that help you earn money? Read on to find out. Google AdSense is an easy way of displaying relevant, unobtrusive advertisements on your Web site. For instance, if you have a Web site on baby care, Google might display advertisements related to baby products, baby food, and baby health on your Web pages. As the advertisements are related to the theme of your Web pages, visitors to your site might be tempted to click the advertisement to see what is on offer. And each time a user clicks a Google advertisement on your Web page, you will earn a specific amount as a reward for hosting the advertisement. Although the amount associated with each click is quite minimal, the total amount you make can build up over time, especially if you have a high traffic Web site. The best thing about Google AdSense is that it is a free program so you have got nothing to lose by trying it out on your Web site. AdSense combines pay per click and pay per thousand impressions advertising. This means that you get paid not only for valid clicks on the advertisements on your site but also for the number of impressions on your Web pages. In addition, you dont need to take on the headache of keeping track of clicks and impressions. Google administers the advertisements, keeps track of the clicks and impressions, and generates revenue accordingly. In addition to displaying advertisements on your content pages, you can also earn money from AdSense by using Googles AdSense for Search option. This option enables you to add a Google search box on your Web pages. By offering search facilities to your visitors, you not only extend the time users linger on your Web site but also earn money by displaying AdSense advertisements on the search result pages. If you want to enroll for Google AdSense and display AdSense ads on your pages, follow the steps below: 1.Visit the Google AdSense home page at .google.com/adsense. 2.Click the Sign Up Now button. 3.Fill in the online application, which asks for basic information such as your Web site URL and your contact information. 4.Select either or both of the two AdSense optionsAdSense for Content and AdSense for Search. 5.Submit your application. Google reviews your application and lets you know the application status in two to three days over mail. 6.If your application is accepted, log onto your new AdSense account. 7.Click the AdSense Setup tab. 8.Now, click the AdSense for Content link. 9.Next, click the Single Page link and scroll down till you reach the Choose Ad Channels section. 10.Click the Add New Channel link. This opens a small window in which you enter your channel name. 11.Create a channel using an appropriate name. The channel name will appear in the Your Selected Channels section. 12.Finally, click the Submit and Get Code Button. This displays the HTML code that you need to insert on your Web pages to display AdSense advertisements. 13.Copy the HTML code from the Your AdSense Code box. 14.Paste the code at an appropriate place on one or more of your Web pages. Ensure that you do not make any changes to the code while pasting it on your Web page. Changing the code is against AdSense program policies and can also lead to errors on your page. 15.Follow similar steps for the AdSense for Search option, if required. Google serves advertisements on your pages on the basis of the page content, visitors geographical location, and other factors. Google AdSense works best with content rich Web sites. You can enjoy the benefits of AdSense even if you do not have your own Web site. You can either create your own blog at .blogger.. or create Web pages using the Google Page Creator tool. Google AdSense is a popular way of displaying paid advertisements on a Web site as the Google ads are less obtrusive than other banners. In addition, as the content of the advertisements is relevant to the content of the Web page, end users are not irritated by these ads. All in all, Google AdSense provides you a great way of earning money from your Web site if it is rich in content and attracts a fair amount of traffic. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: