Recall the problem? Samsung Note7 recovery delayed the date of sale – Sohu technology according to sources said South Korea’s Samsung Electronics in South Korea, in order to meet the Galaxy Note7 recall process, the new type of machine in the domestic market sales of Han recovery date pushed back to October 1st. Previously, Samsung has said it will restart the new machine sales in September 26th. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 also listed less than in January, a series of users exposed its battery explosion event. These circumstances are the first to postpone the shipment of Samsung Note 7, and then, Samsung said it would have sold 2 million 500 thousand Note all recall 7. According to Yonhap reported that since September 19th, Samsung is South Korea Galaxy Note 7 new mobile phone users to replace up to now, there are more than 200 thousand mobile mobile phone replacement. South Korean media said that although Samsung has taken a lot of methods, but with the U.S. market only two recall rate of up to 50% compared to the case, the domestic market in South Korea, the recall rate is low. Samsung Electronics to the nearest customer service to detect battery status of the user as the object, from September 24th to contact with these users, to guide them to replace the phone, improve recall. And also through advertising, SMS and other ways to encourage users to switch. But now it seems that the reaction of domestic users is not active. The South Korean technology and Standards Institute has asked Samsung to take additional measures to ensure that the Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone battery safety. However, there are Korean media reports that the replacement of the Galaxy Note 7 overheating problems still exist. Recommended reading: Samsung NOTE 7 bombing, the biggest winner is likely to be the China Samsung supplier rumor, state line version of Note 7 battery explosion and independent Samsung Note 7 why the explosion?相关的主题文章: