Marketing A sweepstakes contest is a great opportunity to create new material and attract new readers to your blog. If you are planning to host a sweepstakes contest in your blog, here are some tips for you. "There are several websites that allows you to get connected with organizations that are looking for places to promote their products. Browse for such websites and register yourself there. You can then mention about your blog, its readership details, and the types of prizes you are looking for. "You can also directly approach .panies. Find .panies whose products can relate to your blog and ask them to sponsor for your sweepstakes. Give a detailed report about the benefits that the .pany can get by being a part of your contest. Also offer them links to their website from the winner announcement page in exchange of their sponsorship. "There are several online directories that allow you to advertise your contest. Browse the Internet to make a list of best online directories and post links to your blog contests there. "Want to make your blog interactive? You can ask for feedback from readers in exchange of a chance to enter the sweepstakes. Ask a simple question and ask the readers to answer it to be able to enter the sweep. For example, if you have a food blog, you can ask the readers about their favorite food,recipes,tips,restaurants, etc. You can then use the .ments to write new posts for your blog. Readers will appreciate the fact that their .ments are being considered and are now a part of the blog. This will encourage the readers to visit your blog more often. "The blog contest is a wonderful way to give new life to the old blog posts. Have readers click on an old blog post by including its link in the sweepstakes contest. Insist the readers to read and .ment on the old blog post to be able to enter the contest. It will bring new visitors and may even pursue some to be loyal visitors after witnessing your informative work. "Always announce the winner of the blog on the date which you have .mitted. Write a new blog post announcing the winner. Don"t to give back a link to the original post while announcing the winner. Sweepstakes are an amazing way to advertise and promote your blog. It also helps in attracting new customers and let you interact with your readers. It is a small investment that can return big awards. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: