Samsung Note7 Chinese stressed his apology for the consumers not "double standards" in new network Beijing on September 29th news, burning loss Note7 mobile phone and the subsequent recall storm event, Samsung 29 pm at the official website said that the enterprises on this incident did not fully consider the feelings of consumers are not fully explained, it said the most sincere apology to consumers China. The company also stressed that Samsung has not implemented a double standard on the Chinese market in the recall problem. In the China Samsung officially launched Note7 battery from the outset to comply with the safety standards of quality, but also for the U.S. market recall is Samsung mobile phone, and use Chinese line Note7 with a battery to replace. Currently, including 150 thousand Chinese consumers, the world has a total of 1 million consumers are using the Chinese version of the line version of the battery Note7 products. 2, 2009, South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Company announced that due to battery defects, recalling its production of the world’s top music Note7 (Galaxy Note7) smartphone. 14, 2009, the State Administration of quality supervision, China News Agency said the disclosure, SamSung China AQSIQ filing a recall plan, will recall the mainland China affected by the impact of the 1858 Galaxy Note7 digital mobile phone. 2 million 500 thousand overseas recalls and the mainland market in the recall of these two data in stark contrast to the Samsung, into a double standard whirlpool. Then the mainland network is exposed several Samsung Note7 battery burning loss, it will further push Samsung in the teeth of the storm. For the double standards of the accused, Samsung gives the explanation is: the line version of the Samsung Note7 battery used in the United States, South Korea and other markets for the use of Note7 batteries from different suppliers. In the United States, South Korea and other markets for the existence of potential quality risk of Note7 battery, Samsung launched in China’s Note7 battery from the beginning is in line with the quality and safety standards. Samsung said that in September 1, 2016 China began Chinese Samsung Note7 officially sold, a part of Chinese consumers through the official website of Samsung cover music world community and other channels, through trade and other ways to get a test experience with Note7, using the 1858 Note7 and the United States, South Korea Note7 battery from the same the supplier, therefore recall of this part of the Note7 standard and also in accordance with the overseas market. And these 1858 Note7 and the United States, South Korea and other markets recalled Note7, Samsung will provide a new machine. Samsung Electronics said, prior to appear for loss of Note7 China burning country line version of the product, the company’s first time to take the initiative to contact the user, and based on the consent of the user license under the combined battery supplier together to conduct a comprehensive inspection. Test results show that there is no evidence of internal combustion loss. Later, in line with the principle of openness and fairness, Samsung commissioned by the domestic authoritative testing organizations – Chinese Theil Laboratory (CTTL) were detected again. The results suggest that the external thermal shock caused by the mobile phone fuel loss..相关的主题文章: