SDF held the largest live fire exercises – Sohu news Beijing August 28, according to Japanese media reports, Japan GSDF at 28 local time in Shizuoka East Fuji field exercise held in Japan firing exercises "the largest domestic Fuji comprehensive fire drill". Exercise the enemy to retake the islands as the imaginary target, showing the three armed self-defense forces joint operations. Reported that this is the task of expanding the self defense force task force in March since the implementation of the exercise for the first time. According to Japan’s defense ministry said the exercise did not reflect the new task content. Exercise about 2400 SDF members to participate in. The exercise will be at the foot of Mt Fuji exercise field and ideas for the island, air self defense force F-2 fighter attack enemy approaching. After the investigation of the state of the armed forces of the helicopter, 10 tanks and other shooting. Fuji integrated fire drill held every year since 1961. Japan’s defense minister Inada Tomomi and integration of staff Nagawa Nokojun defense ministry cadres visited the exercise 28 days.相关的主题文章: