Look at the apple FBI drama before the most know: Android mobile phone is not encrypted as early as 2011, Google provides encryption options for the Android system, but it is hidden in the advanced settings in the complex system project. In 2014, the original Android system began to actively ask the user when the initial settings of the phone, whether to encrypt the phone. Now, although the 97% Android mobile phone which provides encryption options, but less than 35% of the mobile phone will remind the user to open the encryption option in the activation for the first time. More importantly, even providing encryption options does not mean that all users will open this function. In contrast, more than 94% of iPhone runs iOS 8 or iOS 9, and for these phones, all data is encrypted by default. This means that if you forget the password to unlock, then others (such as FBI) attempts to crack failure, the system will automatically destroy mobile phone photos and other personal information. In China, unencrypted mobile phone is much higher than the global average data, because the majority of mobile phone manufacturers are on the Android system to do the revision, still hidden in the system encryption options advanced settings menu, and did not take the initiative to allow users to select or forced opening. The reporter Lei Feng hands the millet 4C, encryption functions in settings – other advanced features – Security and privacy – encrypted mobile phone ", according to the millet prompt" encryption functions require at least 1 hours "," unlock the screen, only the decryption method is to restore the factory settings, but it will erase all of your data." Since the mobile phone is already a part of our life, so for safety reasons, Lei Feng suggest that Android users spend time encryption mobile phone, especially in a second-hand mobile phone before sale, in order to prevent data used by criminals. (Hao Xiaoru)

看苹果FBI大戏前该知道:大部分安卓手机未加密   早在 2011 年,Google 就为 Android 系统提供了加密选项,但它隐藏在复杂的系统高级设置项目中。到了 2014 年,原生的 Android 系统才开始在手机初始设置时主动询问用户,是否将手机进行加密。   现在的情况是,尽管 97% 的 Android 手机里面提供了加密选项,但不到 35% 的手机在首次激活时会提醒用户开启加密选项。更重要的是,即使提供了加密选项,并不意味着所有用户都会打开这个功能。   作为对比,超过 94% 的 iPhone 运行的是 iOS 8 或 iOS 9 系统,对于这些手机来说,默认加密了所有数据。这就意味着,如果你忘记了解锁密码,那么他人(比如FBI)多次尝试破解失败,系统就会自动销毁手机中的照片等个人资料。   在中国,未加密的手机比全球平均数据要高得多,因为大部分手机厂商都对 Android 系统做了改版,加密选项依然隐藏在系统高级设置菜单中,并没有主动让用户选择或者强制开启。以雷锋网记者手里的这台小米4c来说,加密功能位于“设置 – 其他高级功能 – 安全和隐私 – 加密手机”之中,根据小米的提示“加密功能至少需要1个小时的时间”,“解锁屏幕之外,唯一的解密方法就是恢复出厂设置,但这会清除您所有的数据。”   既然手机已经是我们生活的一部分,那么为了安全考虑,雷锋网建议各位 Android 用户花时间加密手机,尤其是在作为二手手机出售之前,以防数据被不法分子利用。 (郝晓茹)相关的主题文章: