Select the picture book "crocodile love GIRAFFE" – Sohu infant family education books recommended parenting information please pay attention to my public number "Da Da – children’s books" (dldhb2018) this is giraffe. She is very tall. This is a crocodile. He is very small. Their height is two meters and a total of about forty-three cm. Nevertheless, they are a true lover. Of course, people who love each other really want a house so that they can live together. So they moved to the edge of the city and moved into the little house. But it’s not ideal, it’s not ideal! Where giraffe is going to hit the head. When she goes to sleep, she just doesn’t see the crocodile. The same thing happened when she wanted to sit comfortably! Mr. crocodile: Well, let’s move to your house. It’s better to live in a big house than to live in a small house." For love, they moved to the other side of the city and moved into the big house of giraffe. However, living there is also very difficult. Look, how does Mr. crocodile eat at this table? Maybe he needs a high chair! They switched to a shorter table, but it wasn’t for giraffe. See! The stairs of Miss giraffe’s house are too high for Mr. crocodile. It’s hard to open the door. The crocodile worry is, every time the toilet ", like juggling, dangerous and nervous. Alas! It’s getting harder and harder to live together, and they can’t stand it anymore. The only problem is lying in bed. Only when they are to look each other. Only then can we look at each other’s eyes, give each other a sweet smile, like the same happy. So they came up with a good way to solve the problem. On the second morning, the sun was shining, and Mr. crocodile and miss giraffe had a great plan in the garden. In order to make each other happy life to continue, they began to dig a huge pit. Division of labor, mutual cooperation, but also knock and drill. All kinds of wood, glass and trunk…… Hard at the same time, Miss giraffe also themselves as the slide! Finally, everything was cleaned and polished. Finally, a huge tank car into the pit filled with water. Now, crocodiles and giraffe live in the pool. In water, they are the same. They can keep each other, give each other the most sweet smile. Careful observation, not only the emergence of a pool, there are changes in the toilet Oh ~ so, after hard work, all the unpleasant have been washed away. What did you read相关的主题文章: