Shandong sunshine lottery dedication love donation to Arashiyama area of poverty and Sohu     the early autumn of September, has wind attacks, but the town of Rizhao City District of Arashiyama Jufeng Xi Bu Village Li Qifang home is the love. From Rizhao City Volunteers Association and the sunshine sports lottery lottery Party branch comrade a pedestrian early here, will be full of love 3000 yuan lottery condolences to Kim Li Qifang’s hand. Li Qifang 71 years old this year, until now is still a few decades, such as the care of a congenital disease of mentally retarded daughter. Grandma Lee’s home, the most expensive home appliances is more than a decade ago in order to give her daughter cold medicines and borrowed money to buy a refrigerator. More than 30 years ago, Lee grandmother born daughter Han Han, had a happy family at the age of about 3 and found that the performance of the other children, can not speak, at the age of 7 just walk. Even today, Han life can not take care of themselves, can not eat independently, can not communicate with people, and even the size of the total dependence on others to take care of. So, 30 years from now can only maintain the basic life of Li grandmother raised difficult, now placed in front of the family, is how to face the cold winter and the elderly poor health. Rizhao City lottery lottery volunteer association and sunshine Party branch in learned of this, by two " a " Party members and volunteers, decided to go to visit Li Qifang Claus niangliang. Vice president, Rizhao City lottery lottery sunshine Volunteers Association Party branch secretary Zhang Chuanguo said at the donation site: " today we Rizhao City lottery volunteer association and the Sunshine Sports Lottery Center Party branch Li Qifang came to the old man, sent 3000 yuan relief funds, to express our love and care. This is our volunteer association " sun lottery with love as well as the concept of " " public credibility love " embodies the spirit of volunteer. Hope that we are a little bit of strength to be able to give some help to this difficult family. " Arashiyama District Sports Bureau also sent to the village in the same day fitness equipment, hoping to improve the livelihood of the people in the village more than the rest of the fitness. Before leaving, the old man Li Qifang shook Zhang Chuanguo’s hand, condolences to Kim repeatedly thanked the lottery to send for her sunshine, she said thank you for their mother’s care, no matter zaikuzailei, must also take care of my daughter.相关的主题文章: