Shangqiu a kindergarten school bus accident, Sohu [] maternal news review according to CCTV News reported this morning, micro-blog, 8:40 (22), Shangqiu City, Henan Suixian a kindergarten school bus collided with a truck. At present, the accident has caused 13 people were injured, including 2 seriously injured. The wounded are in hospital, truck driver has been controlled by the police, the cause of the accident is under investigation. [media] need to ensure school safety, weaving a tight "net" is lurking in the school bus safety risk exposure of a large number of children around, always have the relevant government departments to take remediation activities, for example, as early as two years ago, Shandong Province, said it would increase the bus allocation efforts in 2015 and strive to make the school bus equipped with basic meet by the needs of the students, but unfortunately, nowadays, coming into the 2015 threshold, school bus safety did not fundamentally eliminate the tragedy. To ensure the safety of school buses, we need to weave a more secure child network". To ensure school safety, not a gust of wind, we must protect the school bus safety, all-round monitoring of the vehicle, the driver first, driving, driving route, school bus must comply with the provisions of the state, rather than simply the van sprayed yellow paint, write the words "school bus" can be used as a school bus on the road. Secondly, the school bus driver in addition to the provisions of the "motor vehicle driver’s license to apply for and use of provisions", it shall obtain a driving license, and has more than 3 years of driving experience, driving passenger vehicles a year without overcrowding, speeding and other serious traffic violations recorded, not just to obtain a driver’s license to drive a school bus. Moreover, whether it is the head of the school, or the school bus driver, must be regularly trained to improve safety awareness, rather than holding the chance to use the school bus in the premise of reducing costs. The regulatory authorities to strengthen road patrol, timely punishment of illegal violations of law enforcement inspection supervision departments must strengthen the countryside, road patrol, violations of overload, the use of unsafe vehicles, hire school bus timely to punish the illegal cost, improve the school bus, forced the school discipline. If the relevant departments usually do not enforce the law, but after the accident to engage in sports law enforcement, then the school bus safety can not be guaranteed. It can not only protect the school bus safety planning does not implement the school bus safety management still exist supervision, no responsibility can ask the embarrassing situation. Every time after the school bus accident, people are calling for strict accountability, but often can only ask the school, kindergarten, the relevant government departments just spend taxpayer money compensation. This is because the school bus safety management is still the traditional pattern of multi dragon flood ", many departments have the authority, after the accident but not a department responsibility. In a sense, the school bus safety management is in a state of implementation of planning is not only in some places, the paper on the implementation of specific issues closely reasoned and well argued, in a disastrous state. The same school bus accident, the cause of the accident is the same, the same compensation pattern, to remind the relevant government departments must be put into action, but not always with the child’s life to verify the danger, the use of taxpayer money to fill)相关的主题文章: