Shao Ping talks about China banking bad or have bottomed out the sina finance opinion leader (WeChat public kopleader) columnist Zhang Lin in August 2016, the listed banks have released semi annual report, operating income, net profit growth continued to decline, is not surprising, but revenues in the first half of the first negative growth in bank non-performing rate with 0.5% net profit and the growth rate is much higher than the industry average of 2.4%, the anxiety of banking industry pushed to the vertex. Is the banking sector swollen? What are the risks of banking? The banking sector can also reproduce it? ………… I took the problem to Shao Ping, President of Ping An bank. Shao Ping   former Shandong province Weifang city credit union deputy general manager in 1995, Minsheng Bank to build China, then served as general manager of Minsheng Bank credit business department, Shanghai branch of Minsheng Bank, vice president, personally involved in the whole process of creating, reform, transformation and development of new joint-stock commercial banks the. Since September 2012, he served as director of Ping An Bank, president. From July 2012, the Shenzhen development bank officially changed its name to Ping An Bank, four years later. For a large bank, four years may not change too much, but for Ping An Bank, but has experienced the reconstruction of a new bank in the past four years. Under the leadership of Shao Ping, after the integration of Ping An Bank quickly force, performance growth lead peers in the fortune (Chinese version) released in 2016 of China’s top 500 list, ranked in the top sixty-first. However, recently released semi annual report shows that Ping An Bank net profit growth for the first time fell to a single digit. Ping An Bank performance has never concealed Zhang Lin: two years of Ping An Bank’s performance is particularly eye-catching, much more than the industry, many people have said that such a rapid growth makes people feel a little untrue. In the first half net profit for the first time back to the growth of a single digit, will this be the real Ping An Bank? Shao Ping: in the past is also true, because in the past we have a small base, the base of a small increase in the high, and now the base is large, the relative increase will gradually come down, this is a law. This year we have made some strategic adjustments. You know the whole economy is still in the new normal, the downward pressure on the situation, the bank’s bad debt is constantly exposed. In order to deal with the economy, we must increase the provision, improving the provision coverage. So we net profit growth of 6.1% this year, but our allowance for up to 55%, this is our plan. Each bank’s business strategy and strategy are not the same, so we are based on the stage of adjustment, this is also very normal, we do not have any concealment. Zhang Lin: the most important part is to increase the provision in the plan? Shao Ping: right. Why is this so? Because the way we deal with bad assets has changed. Now to deal with non-performing assets packaged to sell, but it is a buyer’s market, the price was low, our recovery recovery rate is very high, but their recovery will consume profits and provision, so our profit)相关的主题文章: