Sign the truth: shooter routine 666 bed boom scorpion (Figure) wife striker played 666 routines! I do not know really drunk or drunk shooter, the Scorpio flicker to the hotel for care in the room, the shooter stripped to his underwear, a door on the wall is Scorpio Dong, lovemaking…… Sina faningfang@hotmail users love to say to the constellation constellation Sagittarius Sina routine 666 bed boom scorpion explain background: wife married Scorpio female, husband is the shooter. Postpartum leave to return to the workplace, hit a nearly 4 year old shooter. One year old woman. The story begins: Scorpio woman to work after receiving a project, the project manager is the shooter. At the beginning, we just talk about the work, usually with QQ, and later in the work of the contents of the conversation, the shooter male initiative, let the Scorpio female plus WeChat to chat. After the addition, the shooter every day and Scorpio female chat WeChat, but basically around the work. As everyone knows, Scorpio has his sixth sense, Scorpio girl vaguely feels a bit wrong, but I think people have made what excessive problems and requirements, they still maintain a good relationship with colleagues, and in the work of contact, Scorpio girl feel Sagittarius men should still single. One night, the shooter male to work overtime in the company, because the content of the work and the female Scorpio, Sagittarius men want to accompany him to work overtime with a Scorpio woman. Scorpio women think, can take advantage of this opportunity to learn about what is the case, then finally in the process together to eat snacks about Sagittarius men, a few years ago divorce, the child is 4 years old at home, alone in this fight, of course, a successful career. After this night, every day, and every day to chat with the female Scorpio, the topic of what there is a common hobby is to talk about eating. Talk to the fat, because Scorpio woman had just given birth to a child, which belongs to the plump type, she have to say you want to lose weight, Sagittarius men just say "I love the fat, really, you do not lose weight", which makes a Scorpio girl be taken by surprise, sixth sense told her there is a Sagittarius man in her mind. Later, the striker male initiative to tell Scorpio female, tonight the company department to eat, to drink. The sky commanded him to drink a little, if you drink, don’t drive. At this point, the Scorpio woman has actually felt that something should happen tonight. Indeed, 8 pm or so, a Sagittarius man WeChat Scorpio woman, said he drank a lot, very hard, but also to drive back to the company. Scorpio girl said a Sagittarius man in WeChat, then a Sagittarius man replied: "you are not to see me," said "is a Scorpio girl you want to see me," Sagittarius man smiled and said "I don’t want to," said that even if the "Scorpio girl". Just finished, the man replied, "I want to see you, can you come with me?". Hey, it was a Scorpio girl guess, Sagittarius men can’t wait. I believe we will ask, Scorpio girl you are married, you know Sagittarius men interested in you, why do you tease him, then a Scorpio girl admits bitchy, because of their husband and 2 long-term separation, and their parents with 2 children, life is busy and tired, or wants to take some stimulation and comfort. Scorpio female promised to see the shooter male, let the shooter male sent an address to her, in the past, the shooter has…相关的主题文章: