Space junk: who can stop the "walking shells" source: Chinese science Expo week "walking shells" according to NASA ODPO statistics, by the end of October 4, 2016, the earth orbit within a monitored artificial celestial body 17817, and the last three months increased by 88, debris the growth rate is faster and faster, which leads to the earth looks like being surrounded by the same landfill. If you look at the 3D version of gravity in the cinema, you may be able to understand the dangers of flying debris. Most of the distribution in space debris from the ground 2000km, this is the human most frequently used in low earth orbit (LEO), the running speed of 7.8 kilometers per second, which occurs if the hypervelocity impact and spacecraft, the relative impact velocity at 0 to 15 kilometers per second, 10 kilometers per second for the average impact speed, to know the ground a shot the highest speed less than 2 kilometers per second, so it is also for the spacecraft safety and astronaut life also constitutes a huge potential threat. For example, the impact of a 1cm diameter aluminum ball at a speed of 10 km per second is comparable to that of a car with a speed of about 120 kilometers per second on the ground. A tiny speck of paint, hitting a satellite in a space high speed environment, could spark a diplomatic or military conflict in a space power. A collision of 10 cm will destroy a spacecraft. In fact, because of the collision of space debris damage examples in 1983, "also be too numerous to enumerate, the space shuttle Challenger" with a 0.2 mm diameter coating debris collided, resulting the porthole was damaged, had to return in advance. In 1986, the explosion of the Ariane rocket into orbit, form 564 pieces and 2300 pieces of small pieces of debris, and these dense "bullet" led directly to the two Japanese satellites and its subsequent failure, also caused other minor damage, and these are just too large in the air, as if the wreckage reduce speed and into the atmosphere, once fell to the densely populated area, it would be a disaster, then estimated that only the Avengers heroes can save us. Space cleaning technology in a very long period of time, facing the threat of space debris on orbit spacecraft, the more is the use of passive protection measures, to avoid the space debris or by preventing new space debris mitigation measures. Among them, the small space debris is mainly to enhance the protection measures to enhance its ability to defend, for larger debris collision warning and then the main spacecraft to implement evasive maneuver. However, with the continuous increase of debris, more and more problems are exposed. Scientists wish God can create a space garbage truck, together with the hateful rubbish to clean away, then headed for the black hole, permanently disappear……… However, God did not seem to hear the wishes of scientists. Scientists around the world can only open the hole to solve this problem. At present, has been proposed.相关的主题文章: