Spielberg praised: Ma Yun’s imagination and dream of success zhongxinwangzhongxinwang, Alibaba in Hangzhou in October 10, Alibaba (Zhao Xiaoyan) and AmblinPartners9 pictures held a strategic cooperation conference, Alibaba chairman of the board of directors Ma Yun and Hollywood movie master Steven? Spielberg launched a movie about the western culture and peak dialogue. Ma said at the scene, he is actually a director, this decade has been making a film called the Alibaba, the film will have a happy, healthy future. And Spielberg is at the meeting bluntly, Alibaba means more responsibility, and I am very pleased that Ma has some common aspects. Ma Yun has a lot of opportunities to understand young people, many people also hope that they can take advantage of this model Alibaba, to create their own business, in this regard, I am very much appreciated by Ma Yun". Ma Yun: I have two things in common with E.T alien, Steven, who has made a lot of famous films in his film career, including the famous "E.T". Alien, in the history of the film has left a very classic alien image, and Ma Yun in China has been known as some alien. Ma Yun said he was just an ordinary person, "I and E.T. There are two things in common, one is the appearance of a more unique, one is very friendly, friendly." Spielberg said that he had taken a lot of alien theme of the film, he himself often because of some unusual ideas, was regarded as alien. Ma Yun further said that many people think that aliens are not good, will attack the earth. In "E.T". Aliens, aliens are friendly and kind, which is the value of the film to the audience. Ma Yun said that Hollywood is better at telling stories through the film, passing those can lead to resonate with the human values, human values. Spielberg: the film will have a variety of changes in the Internet as the representative of high-tech not only change people’s lives, but also to change the film industry. Spielberg said that the future of the interactive mode of the film will change, but the film itself will not die. He believes that the virtual reality interactive mode will be the best ever, for example, people want to go to the Grand Canyon, through virtual reality to experience the Grand Canyon, instead of "virtual reality can also be personally on the scene, the application in education, shopping etc.." But Spielberg said that no matter how the evolution of interaction, will never replace people in real life experience, especially the communication between people. Spielberg and Ma also talked about the development of technology. They all agree that with the development of technology, the machine will surpass the human ability in some way in the future, but it can not replace the role of human beings in the field of film. Spielberg said: "we put people together through the film, beyond the culture, beyond the language, at this point, the machine can not do." Ma Yun said that wisdom is derived from human intuition, is the source of art, "in the Spielberg film"相关的主题文章: