Spot gold fell frequently due to his exposure to the Sina fund platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Gold investment network news October 8th, spot gold continued to fall, the market is not optimistic again this week, gold prices continue to slump, pick up momentum is still difficult to reproduce, next week the gold market still bearish. Employment data released overnight last week, the number of jobless claims is better than market expectations, which once again constitute a downward pressure on the international price of gold. Fed officials recently intensive hawkish remarks may be an important cause of the international price of gold under pressure, but any data did not change the market trend, so the short-term international price of gold may continue to face pressure, especially in today’s September U.S. payrolls data if better than market expectations may suppress the international price of gold down again. Beijing time on October 6th (Thursday) overnight international gold prices continue downward, Asia city early international gold replicates the day before the morning run market rebound correction after the fall, the matching period in Europe appears certain market rebound, but not enough to weaken, the same is down sharply in the United States market session the international price of gold, the lowest reach $1249 ounce area trading rebounded to $1255 ounce line, then closed at $1255 an ounce line, line to close out a big line. Recently launched the international price of gold fell sharply in the market, the market is mainly attributed to the central bank’s monetary policy may have changed at the same time, members of the Fed’s dense sound, hawkish remarks stimulus Fed rate hike is expected to heat up, the dollar index rose in order to suppress the international gold prices fall. However, as Goldman Sachs voice, the international price of gold fell sharply may be a good strategy to buy the opportunity, in the absence of ETF sell-off in the case of the international gold price seems to be given a better opportunity to enter. Since the beginning of the year since the beginning of the international gold prices all the way, said the high price of physical gold consumer market is relatively deserted, especially in China and India market. During the National Day has always been the peak of gold consumption in China gold, when the international gold prices fell sharply, there seems to be deliberately discounted sales mean. In the area of $1315 ounce layout short gold, the medium-term target in the vicinity of the 1265 area, has now fully realized profits. Then I suggest that we start to do more in the long-term layout of gold. Overnight international gold hit a minimum of $1249 ounce line, followed by a rebound correction. The $1249 ounce line is the main trend of the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement support area. It is recommended that investors can continue to cover this area A. Short term, the international price of gold continued overnight before the weak market trend, but also close to the day before, then days need to focus on the 1258 and 1260 area overnight rebound high resistance, if early gold prices break through this region, then the days of the market may be modified if the shock, after midday, the price of gold is still suppressed in the near or below 1258 then the matching period in Europe area, can try to short. From the point of view of the short run run above the strong resistance in 1280相关的主题文章: