Internet-and-Business-Online Staying productive and motivated as you build your online business may be a challenge, especially if your background includes working at a traditional job. Having the activity and stimulation of co-workers can make even the most undesirable job feel more tolerable. Once you transition from employee to entrepreneur, it will be up to you to find ways in which to feel connected to other people. You can achieve this goal by volunteering in your community, joining a service or business organization, or by starting your own group in which people in your community can become a part. Every city and community in the world needs volunteers. There is so much that needs to be done in a variety of areas, and not enough manpower and financial resources to make it happen. If you enjoy working with children, call your local schools and see how you can be of help. If it’s seniors you would prefer to spend time with, find out what your local senior center is doing and volunteer to help out. Volunteering makes you feel good, and also connects you with other people you may not have met otherwise. You may even end up making a business connection that will be beneficial to both of you. Service organizations, such as Rotary, Lion’s Club, and Kiwanis, meet regularly and have an agenda of what they will do during the coming fiscal year. I’ve been a Rotarian since 2006. This group is an international service organization that helps the local community as well as being involved in projects throughout the world. You may visit any service organization to find out more, but be sure to visit their website to see when and where they meet. The member’s are typically business owners and leaders who are very involved in the well-being of their city. This is an excellent way for you to get involved and get away from the computer each week. You may also want to start your own group. There are Meetups in just about every city, so see what is already available and then start your own group if you have a special topic in mind. In my city the Meetup is run by someone who also works in Internet marketing. He told me that he started the group so that he’d have other people to connect with each month. All of these groups will serve to help keep you motivated and productive by giving you the chance to help others, connect with other business people and thought leaders, and to get you away from your computer long enough to clear your mind so you can think. When you get back to your desk you will be refreshed and ready for your next online venture. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: