"Wind sword legend" Hugh load half crying in the toilet readers of Miura Kentaro’s "sword wind legend" is a famous cartoon industry is a giant pit, from the beginning of 1989 continued for 27 years, yiyanbuge Hugh load is one of the characteristics of the old wet. In June 24th this year to reopen the series, and now announced that Hugh load for half a year, this year is no hope set, the reader should cry dead in the toilet. "Sword wind legend" comic booklet total sales more than 40 million copies, the last Hugh load is December 2015, June this year set originally a month serial 2 times to 1 times in January, did not expect so soon Hugh load, to wait until 2017 to open the serial. The booklet is 5 years out of 3, the thirty-eighth volume is listed in June this year, from a roll of offering for the readers for more than 3 years, some readers complain that their friends can’t wait to see an end to died. For the old wet again Hugh load, the Japanese netizens have commented: "Kennedy is shorter than rich old wet, did not expect that only 4 to Hugh load series." "I guess the author got the bag before the end." "Why does this man take so much, why?" "This information to see more, readers also abandoned pits." [source: Tencent anime]相关的主题文章: