Taiwan women have been successfully evacuated for 2 consecutive years in the event of a major earthquake. [World Wide Web Roundup] China Seismological Network formally determined that at 3:57 a.m. on February 6th, 6.7 earthquake occurred in Taiwan, Kaohsiung (22.94 degrees north latitude, 120.54 degrees east longitude), with a focal depth of 15 km. By 10:40 a.m., 5 people had been killed, including 3 people in the collapsed building. According to the Taiwan United News Network reported that Tainan Yongkang District dimensional crown Jinlong building collapsed in the early morning after the earthquake, the 6 floor of Jane’s husband, her husband and daughter trapped in the house. On the right is the ceiling, the left is a spring bed, 1 family of 3 people caught in the middle of more than 3 hours, until the rescuers found them climb out of broken walls, was placed in Kunshan in the center of temporary shelters, breathed a sigh of relief. "I met in 1999 21 in the middle of nine hundred years of earthquake, married to Tainan, this time they encounter 1 times 50 years earthquake." The 3 year old daughter surnamed Jane said, "fortunately, the family is safe.". Jane surname woman said, in 1999 she Wufeng, in 92 years the central one hundred earthquake, time out, Tainan married, originally thought will not encounter earthquake, which know this even the place was gone, 2 consecutive centuries in the earthquake, people can not really confidence. "When the earthquake happened, I was trapped in the squeezed room, strong smell of gas, has been worried about not crushed by the earthquake, but was burned by gas explosion," holding the 3 year old daughter Jane said, fortunately, did not happen, family security is the most important. Another old woman who lives in the 3 layer and 2 sons, were rescued, including 1 sons rushed to the hospital, the other 1 sons head injuries after dressing, rushed to the shelter to mother safe, old woman to see his son, he cried with a big hug. Editor in chief: Chen Wei, SN225

台湾妇人连续2个世纪遇上大地震成功逃生   【环球网综合报道】中国地震台网正式测定,2月6日凌晨3时57分在台湾高雄市(北纬22.94度,东经120.54度)发生6.7级地震,震源深度15千米。截至上午10时40分已造成5人死亡,其中包括倒塌的维冠金龙大楼中的3人。   据台湾联合新闻网报道,台南市永康区维冠金龙大楼在凌晨强震后倒塌,家住6楼的简姓妇人、丈夫及女儿就困在屋内。右边是天花板,左边是弹簧床,1家3口就夹在中间长达3个多小时,直到救难人员找到他们,爬出断壁残垣,被安置在昆山里活动中心临时收容中心时,才松了一口气。   “我1999年遇上九二一中部百年大地震,嫁到台南,这次又遇到50年1次大地震。”抱着3岁女儿的简姓妇人不可置信地说,所幸家人都平安无事。   简姓妇人说,她1999年住在台中雾峰时,遇上九二一百年中部大地震,当时逃出生天,嫁到台南后,原本以为不会再遇上大地震,哪知这次连住的地方都没了,连续2个世纪都遇上大地震,真让人无法置信。   “地震发生时,我困在挤压变形的房内,瓦斯味浓厚,一直担心没被地震压死,却被气爆烧死”抱着3岁女儿的简妇说,幸好都没发生,家人平安最重要。   另一名家住3层的老妇人和2个儿子,也都被救出,其中1个儿子送医,另1个儿子头部受伤包扎后,赶到收容中心向母亲报平安,老妇看到儿子,喜极而泣,用力抱住他。 责任编辑:陈琰 SN225相关的主题文章: