Takeaway platform and food prices by ranking the self distribution contradiction previews the merchant Sohu finance kidnapping platform and takeaway food prices by ranking, self distribution contradictions emerging business platform through self delivery team kidnapping kidnapping businesses emerged. Recently, responsible person revealed to the Beijing Daily reporter related many food companies, each takeaway platform make catering enterprises over " by semi mandatory for businesses use platform distribution; distribution of " in addition, the platform side, also to lower ranking " through the supervision of businesses in each platform promotions; blackmail businesses in " the same strength discount their own platform on-line. The platform previews a community meal prices contradiction meal enterprises responsible person Ms. Wang said, recently received complaints from consumers, said received a takeaway products missing Roasted Duck. The manager is responsible for the meal and staff communication after the confirmation of the consumer’s food is full of takeaway platform delivery staff removed from the store surveillance video also recorded the whole process of delivery staff to take meals. But consumers insist that did not receive the roast duck, and communication with the distribution platform and no avail, businesses have to compensate consumers a set of duck as compensation. This situation is not uncommon, according to Ms. Wang introduced, " if a relationship with the headquarters platform takeaway food companies is not good, the delivery staff also targeted, we have a lot of stores had habitual delivery staff refused to single situation, what is more likely is because of their own to take meal is not timely, to consumers a call that is due to their slow meal meal or not allow consumers to cancel the order and other issues. Encounter this situation, consumers will generally direct complaints to businesses, as well as the impact of the credibility of the order of the merchant ". In addition, Mr. Kao, cold noodle! Barbecue food, takeaway takeaway business in joules of Internet based catering enterprises responsible person also reflect, although these brands are " platform; customer ", but the platform in many ways in which the business " ". " if no platform distribution, it will cut down after ranking, except through the method of manual search of consumers shop, otherwise it is difficult to see our shop " and an unnamed person in charge said food prices. In addition to forcing sellers to use distribution platform, the platform will constantly monitor these takeaway " customer " launched in various takeaway platform on the discount, if businesses launched major efforts on other platforms to the discount, the platform will also require businesses in their efforts to launch the same platform even more preferential activities, otherwise it will cut business ranking. Rely on the platform to be " kidnapping " in fact, the takeaway platform through the self distribution team to kidnap the business as early as the beginning of the year has begun to show. In April this year, the newspaper reported, "since the end of Crowdsourcing takeaway distribution " unspoken rule "", mentioned takeaway platform by strengthening the self delivery team weakened Crowdsourcing distribution, resulting in sharply Crowdsourcing distribution. Single volume shrinking revenues, so many of the original Lai Crowdsourcing distribution.相关的主题文章: