Telecommunications fraud encountered how to do? Five strokes teach you stop fangpian combat telecommunications fraud platform how effective? Encounter telecommunications fraud report as soon as possible is very important to Washington, Liaoshen Evening News reporter Xu Yuejiao reported Shen chat client of traditional criminal cases declined to 40% to 50% per year, while the number of telecommunications fraud cases but with an annual growth rate of about 30%. September 19th, by the Liaoning provincial Party committee of the CPC provincial network security and information technology leading group office of the Liaoning provincial network security awareness week opening ceremony and network security technology forum held in Shenyang. Forum, China Criminal Police University cyber crime investigation department head professor Qin Yuhai introduced the network crime, especially the status quo of Telecom fraud, and fraud prevention tips site to teach stop. September 20th to 25, the relevant provincial units will be held in Japan, Japan, legal education, finance, telecommunications, and other public welfare propaganda on youth theme activities, organize various network safety publicity and education activities, a comprehensive network security knowledge propaganda. All the links in the message, one should not leave? Professor Qin Yuhai, after receiving the message not sure whether the URL link is abnormal, the IP address query by Baidu or Whois.chinaz, find out if the site has is invalid, or by the significant geographical information and other information in the text shows the corresponding no, it would have to be careful. Professor Qin Yuhai also said that even if not careful to open mobile phone Trojan site caused by hidden Trojan virus, don’t worry, as long as the mobile phone installed anti-virus software is updated regularly, you can find most of the Trojan virus. For hidden deeper viruses, can be found through the ADB toolkit. Two, the impulse to open suspicious web site how to do? Do not enter any information on the line now people often receive such a message, or tell you the winning, or tell you that the bank card out of the question of the need to activate the class, and sent to you a web site for you to open. This is likely to be set by a liar trap, if the point to open the URL, it will be induced, the bank account password was stolen, resulting in economic losses. In order to prevent being cheated, even some people used to place open to fraud SMS Web site, do not panic, this trap and general the next step is for you to enter your bank card account password, or other payment password, just let yourself calm down, don’t cheat with induced to continue to do so, you can to prevent economic losses. Three, how to verify suspicious calls? You can call back to confirm the form of telecommunications fraud in addition to SMS, there are many directly through the telephone voice to get money. For example, the caller disguised as telecommunications or public security departments of the number with special software, through the stories told the decoy to answer the password or other personal information to the remittance or. In this case, the first thing is to think calmly, after the end of the call back to confirm the identity of the other party number, if it is disguised as a number, you can call back in the past to confirm the call is a hoax. Four, the money on the card is zoned how to do? Quickly lose the wrong password three times off the other side of the account once fell into the trap, did not control their own personal information input, was a liar away money how to do? There is a way as long as fast)相关的主题文章: