Tesla city will play a simple version of the store experience on the street parade Tesla direct mode in the United States recently frequently frustrated, so do not take the opportunity to do more in the marketing of the article how to do it?! Tesla to start on the road. Of course, I’m not talking about Tesla to leave the automotive industry to get involved in new areas. Tesla plans to launch the brand image in front of new customers in a new and unique way before the Model3 model is officially launched. According to reports, six mobile design studio Tesla will start on a journey across the United States, and wherever offers a new experience store. This is how to do it? Tesla mobile original design studio, Tesla will simplify the experience store concentrated into a Vintage Tin Airstream trailer, and anchored in a Model X. Tesla’s product specialist will work with these six mobile design studio counterparts, customers can not only have the opportunity to see Model X close, but also personally involved in the design of their own tesla. The first Tesla mobile design studio has officially opened on September 7th, the first stop is located in New York’s 1 Hotel Central Park. Although six Tesla mobile design studio has a predefined route, but if you submit the request on the Tesla Explores website, Tesla mobile design studio may also come to you, hope you in a city for you to stay. Tesla’s direct sales model in the United States continued to suffer setbacks in recent days, the state of Missouri through the draft identified Tesla as a franchisee and the dual identity of the franchisee is not legitimate. Missouri consumers can only through the online shopping or go to other states to recognize Tesla direct sales model to buy tesla. Tesla’s direct sales model in other states in the United States is still controversial.相关的主题文章: