The 12 exercise ability of water games, so water safe and fun! No child – Sohu do not love their children play in the water, whether it is square fountain or roadside puddles, can go on a few feet up to the top, that’s beautiful to see more comfortable (of course, baby don’t care about the beauty of beauty, the most beautiful mother, but a hem) water high-end toys, perception of emotional experience can help the baby in the water when in the end what to play? Water is an irreplaceable four toys "play" the advantage of children feel different than the world and toys, can give the baby too many different feelings. All kinds of toys on weekdays, although numerous all kinds of, have too many similar properties, and the properties of water are very much. The toy is dry, water is wet; the toy is solid, water is liquid; the toy is color, water is colorless; toys will be broken, the water is always in good condition; toys at room temperature, the water is cold hot warm ice; toys in the face of pain and water will it spread in the face; toys have been in the water in the ground, but may disappear…… All of these properties are different from ordinary toys, the children are to open a new door. Let the children learn a lot of new knowledge and skills in the magic of the water world, children can often learn a lot of new skills, whether it is a large movement or fine action, can be fully promoted. Suck the water sponge, can squeeze water; a glass of water, can be "inverted" into another cup; the water in the basin, can be "thrown" out of his mouth; a slobber, can "spray"; standing on the beach in the water, can "step out of water…… It is difficult for us to find any substance that can enhance the child’s actions in a comprehensive way like water. The Race to the Beach, By Anna! Shuttlewood image to the children demonstrate the abstract concept it is easy to teach children what is the "apple", what is "blue", but it is difficult to identify what is "empty" what is "full", what is "more" what is "less" (mathematics what is the concept of "Shen"), what is the "floating" (physical concept), what is the "condense" what is "melting" (chemical concept)…… These abstract words can only be used to make children feel. Water is an excellent demonstration method, mathematics, physics, chemistry, these seemingly difficult subject, it is easy to find the image of the presentation in the water process. To help children release the emotional heart of the warm water make people feel relaxed and peaceful, splashed water makes people feel the excitement, dripping water makes people feel interesting, spewing water makes people feel a powerful force…… When the children play in the water play, also is the mood. The different forms and temperatures of the water bring them different moods and help them to release their emotions. In addition to the four major benefits, in the high temperature intolerable days, no other game can be comparable to water and cool it, and his clothes were wet and very convenient. But the value of 6相关的主题文章: