The 14 day of the central bank’s reverse repo bond market fell to the bond market to reveal the intention of leverage Sina exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Newspaper reporter Huang Bin Beijing reported 3 points today until the afternoon, a penny did not borrow; yesterday lent out overnight, supposed to be three this afternoon before the arrival of the results, close to 5 o’clock, came close to default." In August 24th, a commercial bank in Southern China on twenty-first Century traders economic reports reporters complained yesterday, the central bank 14 days reverse repurchase amount and today 50 billion and 14 days reverse repo landing, making the capital side suddenly became tight, "fortunately today 3 points for the money, 10 minutes flat." August 23rd, overnight bank pledged repo weighted average interest rate at 2.0997%, compared with the previous trading day rose 9.5bp; this morning, the capital market remains tight, traders can be described as "the window full screen is to borrow money, overnight bank funds rate several times intraday Mogao to 2.7%, began to fall sharply after 3 p.m. all day long, overnight and weighted interest rate of 2.0621% silver, Qianri narrowed. But the money tight caused by the bond market is still staged tragedy ". In August 23rd, bond futures fell, the long end of the interest rate significantly callback, 10 years and 10 years in government bonds yield to maturity at 2.7201% and 3.1597%, compared with the previous trading day rose more than 4bp; today, two varieties yield to maturity were up more than 1bp. Long term bond yields down some time ago too fierce, these two days are more obvious adjustment." A Shanghai public fund on twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter said, "if the central bank is to hope that the longer term reverse repurchase way to put money out overnight, to reduce the leverage risk, yields will continue to adjust the next." The 14 day reverse repurchase bonds or to leverage the market to prove safety in August 23rd, after half a year for the first time that the central bank 14 days reverse repurchase demand amount rumors; after that, the market came the central bank indicating lines minimize overnight money lending out, and to finance long-term funds to raise money market news, reduce the cost of the bond market leverage the news. In August 24th, on the 14 day repurchase rumors floor, central bank 90 billion and 7 days and 50 billion and 14 days of reverse repurchase repurchase, the successful rate was 2.25% and 2.4%, were unchanged from the previous period. Among them, the 14 day reverse repurchase for the first time since the spring festival. But on whether the central bank to reduce the bond market leverage argument, has not yet been confirmed by authoritative sources. Nevertheless, the twenty-first Century economic news reporter interviewed banks, brokerages, fund, the vast majority of people believe that the main purpose of the move is to leverage. Now buy back the total amount of 90% per day, and the chain is a long chain of funds, a broken, broken, is a risk point." Aforementioned Shanghai raised funds on the twenty-first Century economic news reporter, said the current market through the measurement of public debt market leverage theory相关的主题文章: