The 2016 Hongkong Autumn Auction start to dull treasures bottlenecks looming 2016 Hongkong autumn art auction record before the date of the first round of the outcome, Sotheby’s Hongkong total turnover of HK $2 billion 200 million, and the spring auction compared to a decrease of 29%, but the spring and Autumn period, the total turnover of two in 2015 and took the line, let the parties have a heart of comfort; a total turnover of Hongkong poly HK $1 billion 115 million, among them, Wu Guanzhong, Cui Zhuo "Hetang" such as "autumn" shake Chui two auction transaction billions of dollars, HK $106 million 200 thousand, HK $141 million 600 thousand respectively, but also can give the next mainland Autumn Auction bring good luck? One side is the negative effect of the lack of heavyweight art, one side is more conservative and auction buyers, this year spring auction in Hongkong have been staged contrarian growth, see in autumn auction start to dull the trace. Adjustment in the market has entered a crucial stage, the trial and error and Changxin price to pay is not only no choice. Antique market dilemma reversal? In October 5th, Sotheby’s Hongkong autumn auction in the antique market key one day, "Paris III China Tibetan art collection", "Longyou garden", "Sakamoto Goro’s early Buddhist statue", "Ming style furniture", "Chinese art treasures" 5 antique furniture special turns into battle, the auction number reached 291, the total turnover rate of 72.9%, the total turnover of HK $more than 600 million, of which 12 pieces of antiques over ten million Hong Kong dollars, which lasted two years Chinese antique slow momentum. Qing Emperor Qianlong jade dragon button Fangxi Yubao shoot is HK $91 million 480 thousand, Sotheby’s Hongkong autumn auction the highest bid, insiders had on the 80 million to HK $120 million valuation of conservative attitude, think the price million have difficulty, I finally found a buyer. But the most popular is the "boost Sakamoto Goro’s early Buddhist statue" concert, from the late Japanese famous antique dealer ban Moto Goro’s 22 bronze gilt bronze Buddhist statues and all transactions, gains of HK $50 million 410 thousand. Although only a lot of over ten million Hong Kong dollars, but almost all items are to exceed the minimum valuation of ten times or even ten times the price. Buddha collectors Ding Jia said, this is their most love the auction is not superior, but also has the growth space, can be said that art and the market. Of course, behind the Sakamoto Goro effect played a big role. Sakamoto Goro is the founder of Japan’s most influential business "antique together". He has made a new auction record for Chinese porcelain in Europe, and he has donated a large collection of art galleries around asia. After the death of Sakamoto Goro, in New York, Hongkong China market held its collection of China art auction, the price is not very high, but attracted a lot of bidders, the final transaction is very ideal. In addition to Sakamoto Goro’s concert in Paris, Tibetan, furniture and China important art treasures, but the price is not high, artistic, decorative and unique taste of antiques, in terms of turnover rate or premium rate is satisfactory, but before the people focus on the valuation of high weighing transaction overall mediocre, not unrelated with the adjustment of the market situation, people.相关的主题文章: