The audience from 3 million to 350 million   the people’s daily on the integration and development – the media – original title: "the audience to 350 million general secretary of the phone from 3 million!" February 19, 2016 around 10 in the morning, a phone call from the general secretary of the numerous users simply can not believe their ears". The same day, general secretary Xi Jinping came to the people’s daily news media center, the people’s daily by the independent design of real-time broadcast system, to the people of the country sent to the Lantern Festival greetings. 1 minutes later, the financial products that melt through the people’s daily client pushed to the fingertips of hundreds of millions of users. This is only in the context of public opinion, the media structure, the profound changes in the mode of communication under the background of the times, the people’s daily for a microcosm of the media product innovation. According to the general secretary Xi Jinping will ask about "key in integration, integration and development be made one" speech in the news public opinion work on the party’s people’s daily, the depth of integration in the application of editing platform communication channels and technology, from a newspaper in the past the fusion derived newspapers and magazines, websites, micro-blog, WeChat, and other client 10 a carrier, from 3 million to 350 million newspaper readers all the media coverage of users, integration and development continue to make breakthroughs. During the period of 2015 to promote the fusion mechanism of NPC and CPPCC platform construction, the people’s daily, enable the "central kitchen" working mechanism, introduced various types of fusion products nearly 1000, the effective realization of the development planning, a variety of generation, collection, dissemination, multi rolling and global coverage all day long. Yang Zhenwu, President of the people’s daily believes that the media convergence is not a separate kitchen to eat, but a stove fire. "Central kitchen" all media platform to build, is reflected in the "stove" fusion concept. The creation of the media platform, but also to promote the news collection and production process reengineering, and promote the management model and internal mechanism updates. People’s daily client project, central kitchen project, the people’s daily data center project is the three pillars of the development and integration of people’s daily. The two micro end to people’s daily as the representative of the client "and", focuses on the construction of user oriented products and entrance; all media platform is the "central kitchen" construction, focusing on the formation of adaptive fusion news production process and command system; the data center is to provide cloud computing capabilities, the use of big data to provide underlying support for the integration of development. In order to improve the quality of the products of technological innovation in 2015 "9? 3" parade of people’s Daily reported that the first attempt to use VR technology, the grand parade of Panorama broadcast, access point users have praised. In May this year on start: "new game" view of Yangtze River documentary series of micro UAV, shooting and other advanced technology with the crew team, which lasted 45 days, travel 13000 kilometers, to the Yangtze River Economic Belt along the 11 provinces for filming, realization of the full display of the natural landscape, cultural style, the Yangtze River social development. Li Baoshan, editor in chief of the people’s daily, said: "in the process of integration and development, the people’s Daily has been glued to the forefront of science and technology, aiming at the key links, hatching the core technology, and相关的主题文章: